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🌐 U.N. Security Council discussed AI threats to global peace. UK convened the first-ever meeting on 18 July to address potential risks of AI in areas, such as autonomous weapons and nuclear weapon control.

💬 The meeting was summarised in Rumtin Sepasspour’s running commentary. In short, it’s a great start, but we need a proper moratoriumon AGI development ASAP (not “responsible AGI”).

🔎 Volunteer Opportunities

©️ Help us maintain the Copyright Cases Against AI Labs webpage. Help track and document court cases worldwide. Join us in promoting AI safety through legal action.

📩 Help us update our letter to politicians for AI safety. Contribute to the draft with recent sources, concrete proposals, and impactful calls to action. (Thank you to Harvey Kerrick for making multilingual versions of the current letter).

Reply to this email to get involved.

📃 Moratorium treaty competition

⏰ The moratorium treaty student competition has closed accepting entries. Good luck to all 43 entries in the competition. Our distinguished panel of judges are reviewing and scoring the entries. It’s a few more than we expected, so we anticipate a slight delay in announcing the winners.

And a big thank-you to the media outlets who helped promote the competition, such as The Daily Californian eNewsletter:

📸 PauseAI protests

Activists gathered at the #PauseAI Protest at Parliament Square on June 29th, to urge Rishi Sunak to implement an AI development pause.

🪧 Mark your calendars for the upcoming #PauseAI protest: 11th of August, Netherlands—PauseAI Protest @ The Hague, Netherlands.

📃 Policy updates

On the policy front, we have just made:

We are also actively working on Supporting responsible AI: discussion paper (Australia. Due 26 July).

After that, we are planning to write a longer submission to the NSW AI inquiry and update our main campaign policy document. Do you know of other inquiries? Please let us know.

If you want to contribute to the upcoming consultation papers, please respond to this email.


🦘 Nik Samoylov’s petition (EN5163) has concluded with a total of 69 signatures received. Thank you to all who supported and promoted the petition. Your engagement and participation are greatly appreciated.

🦄 For our advocates in the UK, we have an ongoing petition by Greg Colbourn calling for a global moratorium on the development of AI technology due to extinction risks. The petition has garnered 36 signatures so far.

Thank you for your support! Please share this email with friends.

Nik Samoylov from Campaign for AI Safety

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