EA Dating Spreadsheet: see EA dating profiles

TLDR: Browse the EA Dating Spreadsheet to see EA dating profiles (and add yourself!)

I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see two really well-matched EAs together, but there’s currently no way to systematically find EAs on dating sites, and certainly no way to find all of the people who have the amazing “dating documents” that are becoming a thing in the community.

I threw this spreadsheet together in a couple of hours (1) to help fix that.

It’s simple. You can use it for two purposes:

  1. Finding EAs. Look through it to find EAs dating profiles/​dating documents

  2. Helping EAs find you. Add a link to your own profile/​document if you want to make it easier for other EAs to find you.

Enjoy! May you find love, lust, or whatever gives you utils.

Remember: only add your own profile to the spreadsheet. This is public, and only people who want to share their profile should do so.

Reminder that you can now listen to EA Forum/​LessWrong posts on your podcast player using The Nonlinear Library.

(1) Of note, this was done as a micro-project experiment, where I set a limit of how many hours I was allowed to work on it before I published it. There are a lot of things that could be improved, but this was just a fun project that I’m not going to spend more time on.

If you would like to improve on it, please make a copy of the spreadsheet, make the changes, then send the new version of the spreadsheet to me. If I like the changes, I’ll add it to the spreadsheet. I probably won’t accept changes to the platform itself (like changing it to Airtable or Notion) because that adds too much complexity.