Kat Woods

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Two rea­sons we might be closer to solv­ing al­ign­ment than it seems

Kat Woods24 Sep 2022 17:38 UTC
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EA Dat­ing Spread­sheet: see EA dat­ing profiles

Kat Woods21 Sep 2022 18:34 UTC
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Per­haps the high­est lev­er­age meta-skill: an EA guide to hiring

Kat Woods22 Aug 2022 10:18 UTC
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The Parable of the Boy Who Cried 5% Chance of Wolf

Kat Woods15 Aug 2022 14:22 UTC
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How and why to turn ev­ery­thing into audio

Kat Woods11 Aug 2022 8:49 UTC
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The most im­por­tant les­son I learned af­ter ten years in EA

Kat Woods3 Aug 2022 12:28 UTC
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Med­i­ta­tion course claims 65% en­light­en­ment rate: my review

Kat Woods1 Aug 2022 11:26 UTC
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Three com­mon mis­takes when nam­ing an org or project

Kat Woods23 Jul 2022 13:22 UTC
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