[Question] What are some EA projects for students to do?

Some other EA community builders and I are starting a program for undergraduate students to do EA related projects after they complete an EA introductory fellowship.

We are looking for specific project ideas that meet the following criteria:

  1. Could be completed by an individual or group of undergraduate EAs in a few months if they dedicate about 5 hours a week to the project.

  2. Doing the project will help students build career capital and/​or test their fit with common EA career paths.

  3. The project has little risk of accidentally doing harm.

Please fill out this form to tell us about any specific project ideas you have that meet these criteria.

We will write up a thorough description of our program later once we are more set on our direction.

Also, let us know if you have general advice or resources that might be useful to us.

Resources we are already aware of: