Ten new 80,000 Hours articles made for the effective altruist community

We’ve pro­duced a lot of con­tent tai­lored for peo­ple heav­ily in­volved in the effec­tive al­tru­ist com­mu­nity as it’s our key tar­get au­di­ence. Here’s a re­cent list:

More gen­er­ally a large out­let for effec­tive al­tru­ist fac­ing con­tent go­ing for­ward is go­ing to be our long-form in­ter­views in the 80,000 Hours pod­cast. Our pod­cast is fo­cussed on “the world’s most press­ing prob­lems and how you can use your ca­reer to solve them.” You can make sure not to miss any epi­sodes, hear them on your phone when­ever is con­ve­nient, and listen to them sped up, by search­ing for ’80,000 Hours’ in what­ever app you use to get pod­casts.

You can see a list of the epi­sodes so far on SoundCloud—they should be weekly for the next few months.

Here’s our post from 3 months ago with the last batch of EA-fac­ing con­tent.

Hope you like it—let us know what you think in the com­ments.

All the best,

The 80,000 Hours team.


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