Ten new 80,000 Hours articles made for the effective altruist community

We’ve produced a lot of content tailored for people heavily involved in the effective altruist community as it’s our key target audience. Here’s a recent list:

More generally a large outlet for effective altruist facing content going forward is going to be our long-form interviews in the 80,000 Hours podcast. Our podcast is focussed on “the world’s most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them.” You can make sure not to miss any episodes, hear them on your phone whenever is convenient, and listen to them sped up, by searching for ’80,000 Hours’ in whatever app you use to get podcasts.

You can see a list of the episodes so far on SoundCloud—they should be weekly for the next few months.

Here’s our post from 3 months ago with the last batch of EA-facing content.

Hope you like it—let us know what you think in the comments.

All the best,

The 80,000 Hours team.