[Question] Impacts of rational fiction?

Hi ev­ery­one! I’ve been read­ing ra­tio­nal fic­tion for a while, and it was an im­por­tant part of how I found the EA com­mu­nity. Cur­rently I’m work­ing on a pod­cast about how ra­tio­nal fic­tion and EA in­ter­act, and came across sev­eral grants and write­ups about the effects and pro­cesses that ra­tio­nal fic­tion en­tails (see here and here). It was also great to see the dis­cus­sions about con­nect­ing EA and art through the EAGxVir­tual Slack and Un­con­fer­ence these past week­ends. I am won­der­ing what ex­pe­riences with ra­tio­nal fic­tion that peo­ple on this fo­rum have (cre­at­ing or dis­cussing or read­ing), and whether peo­ple would be will­ing to share their sto­ries in an au­dio for­mat. In par­tic­u­lar, what do peo­ple think about the fol­low­ing:

1. The learn­ing/​in­for­ma­tion-gath­er­ing im­pact of read­ing ra­tio­nal fic­tion as com­pared with more tra­di­tional for­mats of con­vey­ing in­for­ma­tion (blogs, es­says, se­quences).

2. Lean­ing on the emo­tional im­pact of forms like sto­ries, art­work, other ex­pres­sive modes for pro­mot­ing do­ing the most good (as op­posed to rea­son­ing about what does the most good and leav­ing in­stinc­tual emo­tions out).

3. Effects of ra­tio­nal fic­tion on in­ter­per­sonal in­ter­ac­tions? It seems to me that a lot of fic­tion in gen­eral is char­ac­ter-driven, so I am cu­ri­ous as to how your ex­pe­riences with oth­ers, whether EA or not, have been af­fected by ra­tio­nal fic.

Feel free to an­swer all or none of these, or just give gen­eral thoughts. Again, I would love to com­pile some au­dio for this pro­ject, so please reach out if you would be will­ing to share your story in that way.

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