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🌍 #PauseAI Protests Recap

On 21 October 2023, voices around the world united in the International #PauseAI Protests, advocating for AI safety. Missed the action? Catch the highlights, stirring speeches, and global solidarity on our LinkedIn page.

The next PauseAI protest is on Wednesday, 1 November at Bletchley Park (where the summit will be held):

PauseAI protest @ Bletchley Park—November 1st

🌟 AI safety awareness spreads across London!

We are running a small-scale billboard campaign in London ahead of the summit, asking for a pause on AI scaling.

Control AI are doing bigger campaigning in London:

📊 Recent Research Insights

A poll by Control AI and YouGov highlighted growing public support in the UK for strict regulations on AI development. 74% believe preventing AI from exceeding human capabilities is crucial, and 60% endorse a global ban on AI smarter than humans. This challenges the current AI Safety Summit’s direction. Control AI advocates for setting strict AI scaling limits and establishing an international safety-focused organization.

Poll shows British public supports moratorium on smarter-than-human AI, limits on AI scaling

Separately, we conducted AI perception check in Taiwan (available to paid subscribers):

Taiwan AI perception check

🚫 Meta HQ Protest

AI safety advocate Holly Elmore led a vital protest on September 29, 2023, challenging the proliferation of AI model weights at Meta’s HQ. Experience the passion and determination firsthand through our LinkedIn post. Join the movement for an ethical AI future. 🌐

Holly Elmore and advocates in Meta HQ Protest, on September 29, 2023

📃 Policy updates

On the policy front, we have made the following submissions:

Now, we are working on updating our main campaign policy document.

Do you know of other inquiries? Please let us know. You may respond to this email if you want to contribute to the upcoming consultation papers.

📜 Petition updates

🇬🇧 For our supporters in the UK, there’s an ongoing petition led by Greg Colbourn. This petition urges the global community to consider a worldwide moratorium on AI technology development due to human extinction risks. As of now, the petition has garnered 48 signatures in support of this crucial cause.

Last week, we had received attention from Dr. Nirit Weiss-Blatt who made an “exposé” by cherry-picking screenshots from the campaign website for a contrived narrative about us. But thanks to her more people know about our work, even if ill-informed.

Thank you for your support! Please donate to the campaign to help us fund ads in London ahead of the UK AI summit. Please share this email with friends.

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