Can we set up a system for international donation trading?

In the fu­ture I’ll prob­a­bly want to donate to a UK char­ity (Hu­mane Slaugh­ter As­so­ci­a­tion). Some peo­ple in the UK prob­a­bly want to donate to a US char­ity like GiveWell or MIRI. Rather than both donat­ing to for­eign char­i­ties, we should trade dona­tions so that we can both get tax de­ductibil­ity /​ Gift Aid for our dona­tions.

Trad­ing doesn’t have to oc­cur only be­tween matched coun­tries. There’s a benefit to trad­ing so long as just one side gets tax de­ductibil­ity /​ Gift Aid where it didn’t ex­ist be­fore. For ex­am­ple, if a UK donor was go­ing to give to a Span­ish char­ity, and if a US donor was go­ing to give to a UK char­ity, the UK donor should give to the UK char­ity to get Gift Aid, while the US donor gives to the Span­ish char­ity (with­out tax de­ductibil­ity). Trad­ing like what I just de­scribed even works for those in the US who have already donated 50% of their in­come and so can no longer get tax de­duc­tions in the cur­rent year from fur­ther US dona­tions.

We should set up a mar­ket­place for trad­ing dona­tions. Ac­cord­ing to Tom Ash, trad­ing dona­tions is com­pletely le­gal.

I cre­ated an ex­tremely low-tech plat­form for dona­tion trad­ing in this Google spread­sheet. Feel free to add your info there, keep­ing in mind that it’s shared pub­li­cly on the web.

If some­thing like this gets trac­tion, per­haps we can cre­ate a web­site for the ser­vice, not just for EAs but for all donors around the world. I haven’t been able to find any ex­ist­ing web­site for this. I’m not sure if that’s be­cause large-scale co­or­di­na­tion of dona­tion trad­ing is frowned upon or whether it’s just be­cause no one has scooped up this op­por­tu­nity yet. I’m nor­mally skep­ti­cal of startup ideas, but this one seems promis­ing to me.

(See also an ear­lier post by Robert Wiblin about dona­tion trad­ing. Giles recom­mended a sys­tem like I’m propos­ing here.)