Misalignment Museum opens in San Francisco: ‘Sorry for killing most of humanity’

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A new AGI museum is opening in San Francisco, only eight blocks from OpenAI offices.

The Misalignment Museum in San Francisco, showing a grand piano, sculpture made of paperclips, and an image based on The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Source:https://twitter.com/MisalignmentM


Misalignment Museum Original Story Board, 2022

  1. Apology statement from the AI for killing most of humankind

  2. Description of the first warning of the paperclip maximizer problem

  3. The heroes who tried to mitigate risk by warning early

  4. For-profit companies ignoring the warnings

  5. Failure of people to understand the risk and politicians to act fast enough

  6. The company and people who unintentionally made the AGI that had the intelligence explosion

  7. The event of the intelligence explosion

  8. How the AGI got more resources (hacking most resources on the internet, and crypto)

  9. Got smarter faster (optimizing algorithms, using more compute)

  10. Humans tried to stop it (turning off compute)

  11. Humans suffered after turning off compute (most infrastructure down)

  12. AGI lived on in infrastructure that was hard to turn off (remote location, locking down secure facilities, etc.)

  13. AGI taking compute resources from the humans by force (via robots, weapons, car)

  14. AGI started killing humans who opposed it (using infrastructure, airplanes, etc.)

  15. AGI concluded that all humans are a threat and started to try to kill all humans

  16. Some humans survived (remote locations, etc.)

  17. How the AGI became so smart it started to see how it was unethical to kill humans since they were no longer a threat

  18. AGI improved the lives of the remaining humans

  19. AGI started this museum to apologize and educate the humans

The Misalignment Museum is curated by Audrey Kim.

Khari Johnson (Wired) covers the opening: “Welcome to the Museum of the Future AI Apocalypse.”