[Question] Asking for online calls on AI s-risks discussions

(Sorry for posting this if it disturbed you.) I’m Jack, a 16-year-old boy living in Taiwan, so I haven’t met any EA people in person. I’m interested in(AI) s-risks, but I’m an AI outsider, I think EA people and I have a big knowledge gap of AI. I’ve read a good deal of online resources, such as CLR, CRS, Tomasik, Vinding and Baumann’s. But I have trouble understanding those theoretical essays and didn’t get persuasive arguments why I should work in s-risks. I think direct calls with people in s-risks would be more effective than reading online Also, I’m making college major decisions(between medicine and CS), it depends on my career plan(global health or s-risks) a lot, so I need more information on AI s-risks. I’ll be very thankful if anyone has enough time to talk with me by phone calls. Your help would influence my future.

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