EA Forum: Footnotes are live, and other updates

The team be­hind the EA Fo­rum would like to share the fol­low­ing up­dates:

Up­dates to post cat­e­go­riza­tion guide

We re­cently made some up­dates to our post on the dis­tinc­tion be­tween con­tent in the “Front­page”, “Com­mu­nity”, and “Per­sonal Blog” cat­e­gories. We recom­mend read­ing the post if you haven’t done so be­fore and use the Fo­rum of­ten.

Foot­notes are live

You can now add linked foot­notes to your posts!

To do this, you’ll need to use the Mark­down ed­i­tor; you can switch be­tween ed­i­tors us­ing the “Ac­ti­vate Mark­down Edi­tor” set­ting within “Edit Pro­file”.

Here’s the Mark­down for­mat­ting you’ll need. You can read the offi­cial guide here.

This sen­tence has an in­line foot­note, which is prob­a­bly the eas­iest kind to use while writ­ing. ^[Here’s the note, which will ap­pear at the bot­tom of the post once it’s pub­lished.]

To show off the other op­tion, which lets you add more than one para­graph of text, I’m adding a non-in­line foot­note to the next sen­tence. I can use any sym­bol af­ter a caret in­side brack­ets, as long as I use the match­ing sym­bol in the note be­low. [^x]

[^x]: Here’s a long foot­note with mul­ti­ple blocks.

Here’s the sec­ond block of the long foot­note, in­dented to show that it still be­longs to the pre­vi­ous foot­note. (This re­quires adding four spaces in front of the text af­ter mov­ing to a new line.)

Foot­note syn­tax may take some get­ting used to, so we en­courage you to try it out in a draft be­fore you pub­lish your first foot­noted post.

Bios are now more visible

You can now see a user’s bio, if they’ve writ­ten one, by hov­er­ing over their user­name. This makes bios more use­ful than ever — if you haven’t writ­ten one, con­sider do­ing so!


We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes and up­dates. As always, you can leave a com­ment here or email Aaron Gertler.