What is the current best estimate of the cumulative elasticity of chicken?

EDIT: I cor­re­sponded with Brian To­masik di­rectly, and the best an­swer I now have for this ques­tion is “If some­one gives up 1 lb of chicken, to­tal con­sump­tion falls by 0.76lb in ex­pec­ta­tion.” The source is a book by an agri­cul­ture pro­fes­sor. See https://​​re­duc­ing-suffer­ing.org/​​com­ments-on-com­pas­sion-by-the-pound/​​#Elasticities

Re­cently, I be­gan eat­ing veg­e­tar­ian. I was mo­ti­vated both by a util­i­tar­ian de­sire to de­crease an­i­mal suffer­ing, and by a non-util­i­tar­ian de­sire to live more in ac­cor­dance with my val­ues. (So, in par­tic­u­lar, I don’t think the an­swer to this ques­tion will strongly af­fect my de­ci­sion to eat/​not eat meat.)

A friend ob­jected to the idea that eat­ing veg­e­tar­ian re­sulted in less suffer­ing for an­i­mals. He rea­soned that eco­nomics says a drop in de­mand for some com­mod­ity should cause prices to fall for that com­mod­ity, and over­all con­sump­tion re­mains the same. (Non-veg­e­tar­i­ans would just buy more meat.)

I was sur­prised by this line of rea­son­ing and hadn’t thought of it be­fore. (By con­trast, I am fa­mil­iar with the ques­tion “does my not pur­chas­ing chicken re­ally cause the su­per­mar­ket to or­der less chicken?” and am com­fortable with the an­swer dis­cussed e.g. in https://​​re­duc­ing-suffer­ing.org/​​does-veg­e­tar­i­anism-make-a-differ­ence/​​).

I did some re­search and learned the term “cu­mu­la­tive elas­tic­ity” from https://​​an­i­malchar­i­tye­val­u­a­tors.org/​​re­search/​​dietary-im­pacts/​​effects-of-diet-choices/​​ (al­though is this the term of art? I can’t find many other hits when Googling.) When you ab­stain from buy­ing X kg of chicken, to­tal sup­ply of chicken goes down by X kg * cu­mu­la­tive elas­tic­ity.

The ACE ar­ti­cle links to https://​​docs.google.com/​​spread­sheets/​​d/​​1iNDQIt9MRD4r1ws5M_2hQ-MNjMY-bcUra0fpOmF4Am0/​​edit#gid=0 which gives an es­ti­mate for the cu­mu­la­tive elas­tic­ity of chicken as be­tween 0.06 and 0.7. But the ar­ti­cle I got it from has a big dis­claimer at the top: “We do not feel that this re­port is up to our cur­rent stan­dards.” This, and the wide range, make me want to see other sources of data.

I’d like to know:

- Am I go­ing about an­swer­ing my friend’s ques­tion cor­rectly?

- If I am, has any other work been done on es­ti­mat­ing the cu­mu­la­tive elas­tic­ity of (say) chicken? How is such re­search done?