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I’m an independent researcher working on EA topics (Global Priorities Research, Longtermism, Global Catastrophic Risks, and Economics).

The Bletch­ley Dec­la­ra­tion on AI Safety

Hauke Hillebrandt1 Nov 2023 11:44 UTC
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M&A in AI

Hauke Hillebrandt30 Oct 2023 17:43 UTC
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The AI Boom Mainly Benefits Big Firms, but long-term, mar­kets will concentrate

Hauke Hillebrandt29 Oct 2023 8:38 UTC
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Let’s Fund: Bet­ter Science im­pact eval­u­a­tion. Registered Re­ports now available in Nature

Hauke Hillebrandt26 Feb 2023 15:05 UTC
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