Final Round of the Impact Purchase

The im­pact pur­chase has so far dis­tributed $5k, out of $10k planned for 2015.

(If you don’t know what the im­pact pur­chase is: the origi­nal an­nounce­ment is here; my post on “cer­tifi­cates of im­pact” is here; Ben Kuhn posted a bet­ter ex­pla­na­tion here; past re­sults are here.)

We’re go­ing to spend the fi­nal $5k in De­cem­ber. The last round is go­ing to be sig­nifi­cantly sim­plified, both for ap­pli­cants and for us. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Sel­lers may sub­mit a one-sen­tence de­scrip­tion of what they did, an op­tional link, and a price at which they would be will­ing to “sell” some por­tion of the im­pact. This pro­cess should take only a few min­utes.

  2. We may ask fur­ther ques­tions or fur­ther in­ves­ti­gate the par­tic­u­lar pro­jects that we are most likely to pur­chase.

  3. We, or other buy­ers, will ac­cept some of the offers made in step [1]. If a price is at­trac­tive but not quite good enough then we may make a coun­teroffer, and hag­gling may en­sue. The offers in step [1] aren’t for­mally bind­ing, so the sel­ler can still back out (though we’d ap­pre­ci­ate if you don’t, since do­ing so wastes time).

If you want to sub­mit an offer, you can ei­ther make a com­ment on this post, or fill out the form here. If you’ve sub­mit­ted a pro­ject to a pre­vi­ous round there is no need to re­sub­mit (though we are likely to email you to elicit your new ask­ing price, given that the struc­ture of the auc­tion has changed).
The key change is that we are no longer try­ing to in­cen­tivize hon­esty. We re­al­ized that try­ing to be in­cen­tive-com­pat­i­ble made the pro­cess much more ex­pen­sive, for both us and the sel­l­ers. We also re­al­ized that the in­cen­tives were never go­ing to be perfect or even great, once we had a dy­namic pro­cess with more than one buyer.
My guess is that blog posts (or other rel­a­tively self-con­tained writ­ings) are the most promis­ing can­di­dates; I recom­mend a low bar for quickly sub­mit­ting a link and a high-ball es­ti­mate for the value of a post, as long as you won’t be offended when we don’t fund it.

As always, our eval­u­a­tions will be un­apolo­get­i­cally ar­bi­trary, rough, and bi­ased.

The dead­line for sub­mis­sions is Sun­day De­cem­ber 20.


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