Welcome to the New Forum!

Thanks for join­ing us as we launch the new EA Fo­rum!

We’re thrilled to be shar­ing the Fo­rum with you. We hope that it will be­come the on­line hub for figur­ing out how to do good.

We strongly recom­mend that you start by read­ing two posts, which set out the goals for the EA Fo­rum, and ex­plain what’s new.

The origi­nal EA Fo­rum was built to foster in­tel­lec­tual progress and help the com­mu­nity co­or­di­nate. We’ve taken those ideas even fur­ther with the new ver­sion, adding new fea­tures and mod­er­a­tion poli­cies to pro­mote healthy dis­cus­sion.

We hope you’ll ex­plore ev­ery­thing the Fo­rum has to offer! Let us know if there’s any­thing we can do to im­prove your ex­pe­rience; you can email us or use the blue speech box in the lower-right-hand cor­ner.