My positive experience taking the antidepressant Wellbutrin /​ Bupropion, & why maybe you should try it too

To help provide useful advice for people dealing with mental health problems in the effective altruism community I’ve written up my experience trying Wellbutrin /​ Bupropion to treat mild depression. It starts:

This isn’t professional medical advice, it’s just my experience and amateur knowledge. I’m an economist not a doctor.


  • I wasn’t sure whether I should try antidepressants because I was only mildly depressed, but I gave Bupropion XL a go.

  • It was easy to get, cheap, and I think it enhanced my life a lot.

  • Studies suggest this is a pretty common experience, and Bupropion is likely the best antidepressant for some groups of people to try first.

  • So if you’re ever depressed and live in or can visit the USA, or another country that prescribes it, maybe you should consider taking it too.

  • Note that you should be willing to stop taking it quickly if the experiment indicates it’s not helping you, or is causing worrying side effects.

  • I note some kinds of people for whom it’s probably not the best antidepressant to try first, and link to further research on the topic.

My experience in more detail

A lot of people suffer from depression or low mood and take antidepressants, or wonder whether they should take anti-depressants...

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