[Question] Does anything like a “resume book” exist in EA?

I’ve noticed several posts on the EA forum about how hard it can be to get a job. Has anyone created some type of “resume book” for EA? When I do hiring it is much easer to find candidates if I have a ‘bench’ of potential hires to review rather than sourcing/​seeking out new candidates.

This a is a VERY rough idea. A minimum viable product could be a Google Sheet with distinct columns for name, email, interest/​cause areas, special skills, geographical restrictions, and link to resume in PDF format. A more advanced version could:

• be an actual database with a frontend so that anyone at an EA organization with access to this could use it to search for candidates

• allow hiring managers to select one or more options from a list of keywords (operations, grant writing, python, etc.) and allowing job seekers to tag their resume with said keywords

• perhaps have type of aging/​retiring/​culling system so that resumes are have to be actively renewed by the job seeker after a period of time or be automatically retired

• include a recommender system so that hiring managers receive a notice of any new resumes that match roles at their organization

• grab data from EA job listings (such as the 80,000 Hours Job Board) and recommend openings to job seekers

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