[Question] Is EA too theoretical? Can we reward practicality?

I love the giv­ing pledge and ex­plain­ing it to friends and fam­ily is both easy and in­tu­itive. I tried do­ing the same with the catas­trophic/​ex­is­ten­tial risks and got blank stares in re­turn. I love the bub­bling the­ory of this com­mu­nity, but I wish there were a list of daily prac­tices based on those the­o­ries so change can truly hap­pen. Sadly, very lit­tle change comes from solv­ing the de­bate of so­cial­ism vs cap­i­tal­ism, but send­ing hand writ­ten let­ters to your mem­bers of par­la­mento (for Aus­tralia. I think Amer­ica has state rep­re­sen­ta­tives) can ac­tu­ally lead to a change! Fur­ther­more, there could be the­o­ris­ing, re­search and then re­fin­ing of those prac­tices to heirs the biggest re­turn on them. I hon­estly don’t think the EA fo­rum and our com­mu­nity is too the­o­ret­i­cal, but I am sure we would help the world a lot more with the ad­di­tion of daily prac­tices as part of be­ing an Effec­tive Altru­ist!

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