Latest Research and Updates for November

I’d like to start this month by high­light­ing amaz­ing acts of al­tru­ism that hap­pened on Giv­ing Tues­day ear­lier this week. Over 200 peo­ple, with co­or­di­na­tion help from Avi Norow­itz and William Kiely, were able to donate over $500,000 within 30 sec­onds via a Face­book match­ing cam­paign to a va­ri­ety of causes and char­i­ties, even­tu­ally get­ting to over $700,000 donated.

• A post look­ing into whether global in­equal­ity has gone up, down or stayed roughly the same over the last 25 years

• Reflec­tions from a GiveDirectly donor on their ex­pe­rience of meet­ing re­cip­i­ents in person

• First anal­y­sis of ‘pre-reg­istered’ stud­ies shows a sharp rise in null findings

• GiveWell with their lat­est char­ity recom­men­da­tions and on why they no longer recom­mend No Lean Season

• EAF have launched the EAF Fund, mainly fo­cused on sup­port­ing re­search and policy efforts to pre­vent the worst tech­nolog­i­cal risks

• Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship have a post eval­u­at­ing & com­par­ing the suffer­ing of var­i­ous animals

• CEA is fundrais­ing for 2019

• Sen­tience In­sti­tute with an end of year summary

• A new dona­tion swap sys­tem to match donors to­gether so they can donate to each other’s favourite char­ity, and both re­ceive tax benefits

• ACE with their 2018 an­i­mal char­ity recom­men­da­tions

• A post look­ing at burnout and po­ten­tial ways to treat it

Which dis­ease is likely to be erad­i­cated next?

• An up­date from Global Pri­ori­ties In­sti­tute on what they’ve been up to and how to get involved

• Anal­y­sis of the 2018 EA sur­vey on how peo­ple origi­nally get in­volved in effec­tive altruism

2018 progress re­port from ALLFED

• 80,000 Hours pod­cast with Brian Chris­tian on us­ing com­puter sci­ence al­gorithms to solve real life problems

9 com­mon mis­con­cep­tions peo­ple have about ‘tal­ent gaps’ in pri­or­ity areas

• A pod­cast on fast paths into ma­chine learn­ing careers

• How child mor­tal­ity went from com­mon place to a rarer tragedy, with the high­est rates to­day be­ing com­pa­rable to Europe in the 1950′s

• There is a new fo­rum for tech­ni­cal AI Align­ment re­search and discussion

• Fu­ture Perfect has been pro­duc­ing al­most too much con­tent to con­sume, with ar­ti­cles look­ing at fund­ing to pre­vent pan­demics, 10 ways the world is most likely to end, car­bon re­moval re­search, how to help peo­ple in the long term fu­ture, cool­ing the planet with vol­canic erup­tions and a new jour­nal of con­tro­ver­sial ideas, why peo­ple seem to care less about mass suffer­ing as well as much more

• Ju­lia and Jeff talk­ing to Vox on how they tried to choose ca­reers that max­imised the good they can do

A tweet from some­one who com­pleted their first round of med­i­cal tests for kid­ney dona­tion af­ter listen­ing to the fu­ture perfect podcast

• J-PAL have a new re­source to help peo­ple turn ev­i­dence into policy

• The Global Catas­trophic Risk In­sti­tute has listed the key ar­eas it is researching

Moorfields Eye Hospi­tal and Deep­Mind have started work­ing to­gether to help doc­tors recom­mend the cor­rect course of treat­ments for over 50 eye diseases

• The Life You Can Save with re­search on how to pro­mote good giving

• Over 1 mil­lion former Florida pris­on­ers win the right to vote af­ter cam­paign­ing by an Open Phil grantee

• A pa­per on the ev­i­dence for what might work in pre­vent­ing part­ner violence

• IPA with re­sults from a mass me­dia ex­per­i­ment to re­duce vi­o­lence against women in ru­ral Uganda

• A post look­ing at how to mea­sure gov­ern­men­tal aid effec­tive­ness and which coun­tries rank highest

• A new pod­cast se­ries in­ter­view­ing peo­ple in­volved in avert­ing po­ten­tial end of the world risks

• BERI is look­ing for tes­ti­mo­ni­als on why they should or shouldn’t give grants to Lev­er­age, Paradigm and IPR

• A new study show­ing re­gional prefer­ences on the ethics of au­tonomous ve­hi­cles. They defined “west­ern,” “east­ern,” and “south­ern” clusters of coun­tries and found re­spon­dents in south­ern coun­tries had a rel­a­tively stronger ten­dency to favour spar­ing young peo­ple rather than the elderly

• An info-graphic look­ing at which groups gave over $400 billion in Amer­ica in 2017 and which ar­eas they donated to

• Caroline Fiennes writ­ing in the fi­nan­cial times on en­sur­ing an in­vest­ment has impact

• San­jay Joshi has a post look­ing at how Cool Earth may have been over-rated as an effec­tive cli­mate change charity

• James Aung has cre­ated a ‘stum­ble upon’ for effec­tive al­tru­ism re­lated con­tent called the EA procrastinator

An overview of a new pa­per from Deep­Mind that out­lines a re­search di­rec­tion for solv­ing the agent al­ign­ment problem

• Adam Gleave has writ­ten up their de­ci­sion pro­cess on where to donate af­ter win­ning the $100,000 donor lottery

• Fau­n­a­lyt­ics look­ing at who donates to an­i­mal causes and how

• Emer­gent Ven­tures with a list of re­cent grant re­cip­i­ents as well as the philos­o­phy be­hind hand­ing out $4 mil­lion in small grants with min­i­mal evaluation

• A pa­per look­ing at how fore­cast­ing tour­na­ments can re­duce poli­ti­cal po­lari­sa­tion and in­crease epistemic humility

• A post look­ing at the in­ter­sec­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ism and minimalism

• The Cen­tre for Global Devel­op­ment with a post on how well the world is pre­pared for pandemics

• A post look­ing at how na­ture con­ser­va­tion­ism can learn from effec­tive altruism

• A post from Our World in Data sum­maris­ing the view “The world is much bet­ter; The world is awful; The world can be much bet­ter” All three state­ments are true.

• Effec­tive al­tru­ism in me­dia & blogs—an overview of EA in Devex with snip­pets from mul­ti­ple or­gani­sa­tions, Marc Du Bois (former ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of MSF-UK) re­count­ing an EA meetup in Cam­bridge, Neerav look­ing back at the last 5 years of their giv­ing, Rob Mather of AMF be­ing in­ter­viewed by Ne­olib pod­cast and an overview of EA from VP of ad­vice and in­vest­ing at Bet­ter­ment

• In a good news roundup, propo­si­tion 12 passed in Cal­ifor­nia, es­tab­lish­ing min­i­mum space re­quire­ments for egg-lay­ing chick­ens, calves raised for veal, and preg­nant pigs, US congress has dou­bled the bud­get for over­seas in­ter­na­tional in­vest­ments to $60 billion, the FDA an­nounced how they would reg­u­late clean meat, mak­ing the path to mar­ket clearer and Fargo be­came the first city to adopt ap­proval vot­ing, called the best vot­ing sys­tem by the Cen­ter for Elec­tion Science, an Open Phil grantee