EAG is over, but don’t delete Swapcard

Swapcard is currently the preferred conference app for EAGs and EAGxs. Swapcard enables you to search profiles by interest and expertise, quickly assess who might be helpful to you and/​or who you might be able to help, and connect with people either through the app itself or through the linked channels in their profile.

While Swapcard has several major functionality flaws and limitations, at present it fills a niche other platforms do not. Some of Swapcard’s features will hopefully be replicated in a forthcoming successor to EA Hub. In the interim, I want to encourage the community to utilize Swapcard as a year-round EA networking platform.

After EAG London in October 2021, I uninstalled it from my phone, only to realize when I re-downloaded it in March 2022 that I had missed several post-conference communications months prior as a result. This time around, I will be taking several days post-conference to follow up with connections through the app, set up meetings with people I didn’t get the chance to see in person, and spend more time looking through user profiles to see if there are other people I should reach out to. I encourage others to do the same.