The Athena Rationality Workshop—June 7th-10th at EA Hotel

For the past few months, Matt Gold­en­berg has been in charge of teach­ing ap­plied ra­tio­nal­ity at the EA ho­tel. And hon­estly, we’ve been quite im­pressed by the qual­ity. Matt has been a great teacher, and some of us felt like we wanted to delve deeper into his ma­te­rial. So let us delve into it to­gether!

Dur­ing the first week­end of June, the EA Ho­tel (36 York Street, Black­pool, UK) will host its first ra­tio­nal­ity work­shop. Open to any­one in­ter­ested.

We will delve into the Ease pro­cess, which is step by step pro­cess for over­com­ing in­ter­nal blocks and cre­at­ing psy­cholog­i­cal al­ign­ment to­wards your goals.

Matt has been work­ing in­tensely on self-im­prove­ment for the past 15 years, was a pro­fes­sional coach for 5 years and has been run­ning ap­plied ra­tio­nal­ity group work­shops for the past 18 months. Some guest teach­ers will also be chiming in with their tech­niques, in­clud­ing Toon Alfrink with some les­sons he learned liv­ing at a Zen Monastery, and pos­si­bly oth­ers.

The work­shop will be held June 7th-10th, Fri­day to Mon­day, start­ing at 12:00 and end­ing at 19:00. Trav­el­ers from afar can stay the night on Thurs­day. There will be an op­tional chill-out day on Tues­day, June 11th, and you’re wel­come to stay longer. Pay­ment will be at the end of the work­shop for what­ever you think it was worth for you (cost price is £40). All pro­ceeds will go to fund the EA ho­tel.

If you want to join: Sign up here.