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Former AI safety research engineer, now PhD student in philosophy of ML at Cambridge. I’m originally from New Zealand but have lived in the UK for 6 years, where I did my undergrad and masters degrees (in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Machine Learning). Blog:

Ngo and Yud­kowsky on AI ca­pa­bil­ity gains

richard_ngo19 Nov 2021 1:54 UTC
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Ngo and Yud­kowsky on al­ign­ment difficulty

richard_ngo15 Nov 2021 22:47 UTC
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[Question] Is there any­one work­ing full-time on helping EAs ad­dress men­tal health prob­lems?

richard_ngo1 Nov 2021 3:42 UTC
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AGI Safety Fun­da­men­tals cur­ricu­lum and application

richard_ngo20 Oct 2021 21:45 UTC
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Suggested norms about fi­nan­cial aid for EAG(x)

richard_ngo20 Sep 2021 15:13 UTC
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