[Question] Should we be donating/​volunteering for the Biden campaign?

I’ve only done min­i­mal re­search on this, but I’m pretty con­fi­dent that a Bi­den pres­i­dency would be much bet­ter for the world than a Trump one.

I’m un­sure about the marginal im­pact of a dona­tion to the Bi­den cam­paign though, es­pe­cially given that he seems to have raised a lot of money as of late (link).

So, do you think dona­tions to the Bi­den cam­paign, now or in the fu­ture, are cost effec­tive dona­tion op­por­tu­ni­ties?

Re­lat­edly, should we be vol­un­teer­ing for the Bi­den cam­paign?

You might also see the Can­di­date Scor­ing Sys­tem, al­though I doubt it ap­plies much post-pri­mary.


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