Street Epistemology (EA Shenanigans) - please RSVP

Happy new year everyone. Sadly I missed Severin’s reflection workshop in December, but I’m looking forward to a great start to 2023 with all of you.

George Lanetz will be holding a Workshop on Street Epistemology this time. Thanks!

You’re very welcome even if you’ve never been to a meetup or you feel like you don’t fit.

Time: Feel free to arrive by 6 PM CEST. The workshop starts at 6:30 and takes 45-120 min (we’ll decide together). Afterwards there’s time for open socializing[1].

Food: I’ll bring hummus, cream cheese, flatbread and vegetables.

Location: The Chaos Computer Club Berlin can comfortably fit about 20 people. Please RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Route (German): https://​​​​page/​​anfahrt

Please contact __nobody if you have questions about the location.

PS: Comment here or PM me if you want to be invited into the EA Berlin Telegram group.

  1. ^

    Rooms close 1 AM.

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