[Question] Is there a good place to find the “what we know so far” of the EA movement?


My ques­tion here is a lit­tle bit broad, so I’m go­ing to start by in­tro­duc­ing my­self so that you know what my back­ground is.

I’m fa­mil­iar with the ra­tio­nal­ist move­ment — I’ve read about the first third of the se­quences and in­te­grated some of the les­sons into my life, such as scan­ning my in­tu­itive judg­ments for con­junc­tion er­rors and avoid­ing mak­ing gen­eral claims un­less at least a few ex­am­ples spring read­ily to mind. I have also read the ra­tio­nal­ist ma­te­rial on how to use words prop­erly. Speci­fi­cally, I un­der­stand now that even when re­al­ity doesn’t seg­ment it­self cleanly into cat­e­gories, you can still define words by just di­rect­ing some­body’s at­ten­tion to the similar­ity cluster you’re talk­ing about. From the world of ra­tio­nal­ity-ad­ja­cent ma­te­rial, I have read Nate Soare’s Re­plac­ing Guilt se­ries.

I’m mostly new to the EA move­ment. What I know about it can be sum­ma­rized as “EA is a group of peo­ple that use sci­ence to figure out which char­i­ties are the most cost-effec­tive”.

Here’s my ques­tion: Where can I go to get caught up on what the EA move­ment has “figured out so far”? Is there some­thing like an EA equiv­a­lent of the LessWrong se­quences?

Things I might ex­pect to find in­clude:

  • In­tro­duc­tions to con­cepts that are im­por­tant to the EA move­ment.

  • In­sights con­cern­ing how we should mea­sure and think about how “effec­tive” a char­ity is.

  • An overview of the world’s biggest prob­lems (ac­cord­ing to the EA move­ment) or maybe the prob­lems with the best ra­tio of marginal im­prove­ment to marginal effort.


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