EA Hotel Fundraiser 5: Out of runway!

UPDATE 5th Nov 2019: since this post went up, we have re­ceived ~£9,500 in dona­tions and a fur­ther ~£4000 in back­dated pay­ments from res­i­dents. Fol­low­ing the lat­ter, and ad­just­ing costs for last 6 months down­ward to ~£5,100/​month, our run­way now ex­tends ~3 months, to the be­gin­ning of Feb. Thanks for all the sup­port, this is a great start to our lat­est fundraiser. We are work­ing on more posts in the se­ries listed be­low (will link to them in the list as they are com­pleted).

This is a quick post to say that our fi­nan­cial situ­a­tion is look­ing pretty dire right now. We were go­ing to wait un­til “Giv­ing Sea­son” starts in De­cem­ber to start a fresh fundraiser, but now can’t af­ford to do that. We have sev­eral things in the pipeline to bolster our case (char­ity reg­is­tra­tion, com­piling more out­puts, more fundrais­ing posts de­tailing the case for the ho­tel, hiring round for the Com­mu­nity & Pro­jects Man­ager, re­fin­ing in­ter­nal sys­tems), but they may not reach fruition in time un­for­tu­nately. If you are in­ter­ested in donat­ing, now is the perfect timing for you to have a large im­pact on the pro­ject! Happy to an­swer ques­tions in the com­ments (have an­ti­ci­pated some be­low).

Rel­a­tively small amounts would al­low us to keep things go­ing long enough to gain the in­for­ma­tion needed to de­ter­mine whether the ex­per­i­ment is/​was worth­while. As it is, if the pro­ject fails down to lack of funds now, we feel that we are leav­ing a lot of Value of In­for­ma­tion on the table. Our costs are ~£5,700/​month (based on the last 5 months’ spend­ing). Even 1 month of fund­ing will al­low us some breath­ing space to get some of the work done.

To donate, and for more info (past posts mak­ing the case for the ho­tel), see: ea­ho­tel.org/​fundraiser.

List of pro­posed posts for the con­tinu­a­tion of this se­ries (re­newed run­way per­mit­ting; pro­vi­sional; linked when com­plete):