Make a Public Commitment to Writing EA Forum Posts

I’m a re­ally big fan of com­mit­ment de­vices and ac­countabil­ity. I find them a re­ally effec­tive way to take a fuzzy thing I would like to do some­day, con­vert it into a clear plan and in­ten­tion, and en­sure my fu­ture self sticks to it and keeps mo­ti­vated and fo­cused.

And one com­mit­ment de­vice that I think should clearly ex­ist, is a way to pub­li­cly com­mit to writ­ing an EA Fo­rum post! Espe­cially since Aaron has been re­peat­edly en­courag­ing more peo­ple to write things. So I thought it would be an in­ter­est­ing ex­per­i­ment to cre­ate a post where peo­ple can com­ment with a com­mit­ment to writ­ing a post.

Ob­vi­ously your mileage may vary, and some peo­ple find com­mit­ment de­vices aver­sive and stress­ful. But other peo­ple (like me) find them su­per use­ful, and so I hope hav­ing a nat­u­ral way to do it is helpful. I like to think of this kind of thing as a very con­crete and ir­re­versible way to set an in­ten­tion for my fu­ture self.

If this idea sounds ap­peal­ing, and you have a vague idea for a post that you’re pro­cras­ti­nat­ing on writ­ing, please leave a com­ment! And if you’d find it use­ful, I’m happy to fol­low up with you for fur­ther ac­countabil­ity.

Suggested for­mat:

Com­mit­ment: I com­mit to writ­ing a post on [TOPIC] by [DEADLINE]

(And re­mem­ber the plan­ning fal­lacy! I recom­mend adding at least a week to the first dead­line you came up with)

(Credit to Ra­fael Albert for sug­gest­ing this! And to the Effec­tive Altru­ism Fo­cus­mate group for caus­ing that call to hap­pen!)