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“To see the world as it is, rather than as I wish it to be.”

I work for the EA research nonprofit Rethink Priorities. Despite my official title, I don’t really think of the stuff I do as “research.” In particular, when I think of the word “research”, I think of people who are expanding the frontiers of the world’s knowledge, whereas often I’m more interested in expanding the frontiers of my knowledge, and/​or disseminating it to the relevant parties.

I’m also really interested in forecasting.

People may or may not also be interested in my comments on Metaculus and Twitter:

Metaculus: https://​​​​accounts/​​profile/​​112057/​​

Twitter: https://​​​​LinchZhang

Clarification on commenting norms: If I explicitly disagreed with a subpoint in your post/​comment, you should assume that I’m only disagreeing with that subpoint; you should NOT assume that I disagree with the rest of the comment and are only being polite. Similarly, if I reply with disagreement to a comment or post overall, you should NOT assume I disagree with your other comments or posts, and certainly I’m almost never trying to admonish you as a person. Conversely, agreements with subpoints should not be treated as agreements with your overall point, agreements with the overall point of an article should not be treated as an endorsement of your actions/​your organization, and so forth.

I welcome both public and private feedback on my own comments and posts, especially points that note if I say untrue things. I try to only say true things, but we all mess up sometimes. I expect to mess up in this regard more often than most people, because I’m more public with my output than most people.