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“To see the world as it is, rather than as I wish it to be.”

I’m a Research Manager on the General Longtermism team at Rethink Priorities. Right now, my team and I are re-orienting towards what are the best things to do.

I also work part-time as a Fund Manager at EA Funds’ Long-term Future Fund (Not to be confused with the FTX Future Fund).

People may or may not also be interested in my comments on Metaculus and Twitter, though (un)fortunately I’m now less active on them:

Metaculus: https://​​​​accounts/​​profile/​​112057/​​

Twitter: https://​​​​LinchZhang

Clarification on commenting norms

COI disclaimers: Like many(most?) people doing direct work in EA nonprofits, I have financial COIs with the large funders in EA in the sense that they directly or indirectly fund my work. I think compared to most direct workers, my COI with FTX is relatively larger.
(EDIT: I’m leaving the above up for honesty reasons, but recent events has “fortunately” reduced my COIs with FTX substantially)