The Human Future (x-risk and longtermism-themed video by melodysheep)

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Intellectual understanding isn’t the only component that determines how salient a problem, opportunity, or decision to take action is in people’s minds. This holds especially true for abstract ideas with vast implications for the (far) future like longtermism and existential risks.

I think this video is a great example of how visual storytelling can help wonders in this regard! As long as it’s an addition to (as opposed to substitution for) intellectual understanding, I think stuff like this is super valuable.

Video description: Change is coming. Humanity is entering a turbulent new era, unprecedented in both Earth and Human history. To survive the coming centuries and fulfill our potential as a species, we will have to overcome the biggest challenges we have ever faced, from extreme climate change, to rogue A.I., to the inevitable death of the sun itself. The headlines make our chances look bleak. But when you look at our history and our tenacity, it’s clear that humanity is uniquely empowered to rise to the challenges we face. If we succeed, our potential is cosmic in scale. Incredible prosperity is within our reach. Being optimistic is not only justified, it’s a powerful weapon in the fight for a higher future.