Update on the Vancouver Effective Altruism Community

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To get it out of the way, the most im­por­tant part of this post is to an­nounce that af­ter sev­eral months of a lack of ded­i­cated EA meetup or­ga­niz­ing in Van­cou­ver, and in­con­sis­tent EA meetup or­ga­ni­za­tion be­fore then, my­self and two other lo­cal effec­tive al­tru­ists will be co-or­ga­niz­ing weekly (or at least bi-weekly) EA mee­tups for the fore­see­able fu­ture. De­tails:

  • Reg­u­lar weekly mee­tups will be Thurs­day evenings as 6:30 p.m. go­ing for­ward.

  • Th­ese mee­tups will be posted to both the Van­cou­ver EA Face­book and Meetup groups. To stay up­dated about these mee­tups and all things EA in and from Van­cou­ver, any EA com­mu­nity mem­bers liv­ing in or com­ing through Van­cou­ver are en­couraged to join.

  • We have a launched a Slack workspace for or­ga­niz­ing lo­cal EA mee­tups, and for the fu­ture de­vel­op­ment of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity.

  • For the fu­ture, I hope to cre­ate a web­site available through the EA Hub for the Van­cou­ver , and pur­sue other pro­jects for the long-term de­vel­op­ment of the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity.


This ar­ti­cle is an up­date on the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity to:

  • An­nounce there is a re­boot in ded­i­cated EA meetup or­ga­ni­za­tion in Van­cou­ver, with mee­tups in­tended to be or­ga­nized on a weekly ba­sis go­ing for­ward.

  • Provide a thor­ough up­date and re­view on the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity, and how it has de­vel­oped, for both effec­tive al­tru­ists in Van­cou­ver, and el­se­where.

  • Serve as a record of how the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity has de­vel­oped and changed, and what op­por­tu­ni­ties and challenges have come with that, in the last few years, for the EA move­ment and other lo­cal EA groups to learn from.

  • Provide a pub­lic up­date and de­tailed ac­count speci­fi­cally on the EA Club at the Univer­sity of Bri­tish Columbia, which I have per­son­ally been in­volved with, but has as of 2019 ap­pears to in­definitely or per­ma­nently shut down.


Van­cou­ver, Canada, has his­tor­i­cally been a sig­nifi­cant mu­ni­ci­pal hub in the global EA com­mu­nity. While Van­cou­ver has not been home to as many effec­tive al­tru­ists as big­ger cities, or those where the EA move­ment started, like San Fran­cisco, Lon­don, New York, Oxford, Bos­ton, or Cam­bridge, it has been home to many effec­tive al­tru­ists and mul­ti­ple EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions that have only grown since they launched: Char­ity Science, Re­think Char­ity, and the Effec­tive Altru­ism Club at the Univer­sity of Bri­tish Columbia. In the last few years, as these or­ga­ni­za­tions and other things have changed, so has the so­cial land­scape of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity.

There has not been a pub­lic and com­pre­hen­sive overview of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity since my last ar­ti­cle on the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity from 2016. I thought I would provide a gen­eral overview for:

  • those effec­tive al­tru­ists cur­rently on Van­cou­ver who have not kept up to date with what has hap­pened.

  • those effec­tive al­tru­ists who have pre­vi­ously been in Van­cou­ver who are won­der­ing how things have pro­gressed.

  • the broader EA com­mu­nity to be aware of what has changed in the lo­cal Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity in ad­di­tion to the up­dates that have con­sis­tently been pro­vided by EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions based out of Van­cou­ver, Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity.

  • provide a par­tial record of changes and challenges of a long-time lo­cal EA group for the move­ment in gen­eral, and other lo­cal EA and ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity or­ga­niz­ers, to learn from.

EA-Aligned Or­ga­ni­za­tions in Vancouver

In the last few years as Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity have ex­panded into mul­ti­ple pro­jects, like with many other EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions, their lo­gis­ti­cal ba­sis is as more re­mote teams. Where there are mul­ti­ple staff of each of Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity or­ga­ni­za­tions that still live per­ma­nently live in Van­cou­ver, a lot has changed. As such, the differ­ent pro­jects of Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity func­tion largely in­de­pen­dent of each other, and have not needed to re­main based in Van­cou­ver. Un­for­tu­nately, the EA Club at UBC has not changed and spread out as a re­sult of suc­cess, but faces a differ­ent fate. The UBC EA Club is not cur­rently func­tional, and thus does not at pre­sent ex­ist as a stu­dent club, and may not re­sume func­tion­ing in the fu­ture.

Char­ity Science

Char­ity Science’s origi­nal ac­tive pro­ject of effec­tive fundrais­ing and out­reach has been trans­formed into available and last­ing effec­tive op­tions for donors through Char­ity Science as a reg­istered non-profit foun­da­tion in Canada, such as legacy dona­tions, and as a archive on re­search on effec­tive fundrais­ing and non-profit out­reach, as Char­ity Science Outreach. In the last cou­ple years, Char­ity Science has pri­ori­tized new pro­jects: Char­ity Science Health, and Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship.

Char­ity Science Health is a pub­lic health non-profit startup work­ing in In­dia, which pe­ri­od­i­cally has those staff not already per­ma­nently based in In­dia work­ing in In­dia for part of the year as part of the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the pro­gram. Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship is a pro­ject which in­cu­bates new EA-al­igned, high-im­pact, and ro­bustly ev­i­dence-based char­i­ties, such as for­tify hEAlth. This year, Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship’s in­cu­ba­tion pro­gram will be based in Lon­don, United King­dom, and so even less time will be spent in Van­cou­ver.

Re­think Charity

One of the biggest changes among the pro­jects and or­ga­ni­za­tions func­tion­ing un­der the Re­think Char­ity um­brella was that Stu­dents for High-Im­pact Char­ity (SHIC) is sus­pend­ing out­reach op­er­a­tions. Since SHIC was run­ning pro­grams in sec­ondary schools in the Van­cou­ver area, for its op­er­a­tions it has been cru­cial for the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the out­reach pro­gram to be run by a lo­cally-based Van­cou­ver team. How­ever, in that time, other pro­jects op­er­at­ing un­der the Re­think Char­ity um­brella have only con­tinued to progress and grow, while spread­ing out be­yond Van­cou­ver.

UBC Effec­tive Altru­ism Club

The UBC EA Club has been the stu­dent so­ciety for effec­tive al­tru­ism at the Univer­sity of Bri­tish Columbia, the biggest uni­ver­sity in Van­cou­ver. There have pre­vi­ously been stu­dent so­cieties for effec­tive al­tru­ism at other col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties in the Van­cou­ver area. None of them have lasted as long, been as big, or spread aware­ness of EA as much as UBC EA.

At the end of the win­ter ses­sion for classes in May 2018, all the stu­dent ex­ec­u­tives of UBC EA were ei­ther go­ing to be grad­u­at­ing, or were tak­ing an un­usu­ally heavy course load the fol­low­ing year, and would not be able to af­ford the time to con­tinue run­ning the club. Ad­di­tion­ally, the club had been small, and no new club mem­bers had stepped up to lead the club. Thus, there was no lead­er­ship for UBC EA go­ing into the au­tumn for the new school year. Dur­ing the sum­mer, the ex­it­ing lead­er­ship of UBC EA ap­proached me for my help with the club as an EA com­mu­nity or­ga­nizer in Van­cou­ver.

I agreed to help them by spend­ing some of my available spare time or­ga­niz­ing events no UBC stu­dents who would still be part of the club in the new school year would them­selves have time for. I tried do­ing this dur­ing Septem­ber and Oc­to­ber of 2018. Un­for­tu­nately, as I was not a reg­istered stu­dent at the uni­ver­sity, due to the uni­ver­sity stu­dent ad­minis­tra­tive body’s by­laws gov­ern­ing stu­dent clubs, I was not able to take any offi­cial and nec­es­sary ac­tions on be­half of the club, such as book­ing rooms for meet­ings, or ac­cess­ing funds available to stu­dent clubs. Since no other stu­dent club mem­bers had any time to meet with me to carry out these tasks for set­ting up club events, or had any time to do it them­selves, noth­ing hap­pened with the club af­ter Oc­to­ber 2018.

I was aware that to con­tinue into 2019, uni­ver­sity stu­dents would have to re­new the an­nual bu­reau­cratic pre­req­ui­sites with the uni­ver­sity ad­minis­tra­tion to main­tain its sta­tus as a stu­dent club. Un­for­tu­nately, I am not aware of any effort on the part of any stu­dents to do this for UBC EA. Thus, while the UBC EA Club may cur­rently ex­ist on pa­per, this may not be for long, and it ap­pears there will be no EA pres­ence on UBC cam­pus go­ing for­ward.

Other Lo­cal Com­mu­nity Changes

With these changes, the rate at which effec­tive al­tru­ists newly move and per­ma­nently set­tle in Van­cou­ver has de­creased. How­ever, there are other fac­tors in­de­pen­dent of changes within EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions based in Van­cou­ver which have led to a de­crease of ac­tivity. As a re­sult of this, there was a de­crease in de­mand for mee­tups, and so the grass­roots or­ga­ni­za­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ism in Van­cou­ver as a so­cial com­mu­nity, aside from pro­fes­sional work, de­clined as well. Hence, for the last sev­eral months, there have been no EA mee­tups in Van­cou­ver, and in the last year, there have been very few EA mee­tups in Van­cou­ver at all.

Peo­ple Mov­ing Away

Like with other vibrant and out­stand­ing lo­cal EA com­mu­ni­ties, albeit still small com­pared to other lo­cal EA groups, Van­cou­ver has been the vic­tim of its own suc­cess. The lo­cal com­mu­nity went on through a pe­riod of growth dur­ing its first few years. At the same time, effec­tive al­tru­ists from Van­cou­ver who started out as staff at EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions, or meetup or­ga­niz­ers, have gone on to be rec­og­nized for their efforts, or have got­ten more en­gaged with efforts in EA be­yond Van­cou­ver. As as re­sult, they pur­sue op­por­tu­ni­ties in the EA move­ment out­side Van­cou­ver. Thus, a lot of peo­ple who pre­vi­ously or­ga­nized EA mee­tups are no longer available to con­tinue or­ga­niz­ing mee­tups, and there is no­body left to re­place them as meetup or­ga­niz­ers. I have heard this can be a prob­lem for lo­cal EA groups be­sides Van­cou­ver as well, such as when all the lo­cal lead­ers of an EA group move away for jobs at EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions in the Bay Area or el­se­where.

Lo­gis­ti­cal Issues

One con­tribut­ing fac­tor to SHIC shut­ting down out­reach op­er­a­tions was the difficulty of at­tain­ing stu­dent re­ten­tion from ini­tial SHIC work­shops to carry over to SHIC’s ad­vanced work­shops. A difficulty in get­ting stu­dents to at­tend the ad­vanced SHIC work­shop from across the whole metropoli­tan area around Van­cou­ver was trans­porta­tion. From David Va­tousios, a Van­cou­ver-based ed­u­ca­tor for SHIC:

Your ques­tion is a good one! Whilst we did our best to ac­com­mo­date stu­dents from all parts of Greater Van­cou­ver—pick­ing a cen­tral lo­ca­tion that was very close to a train sta­tion—the trek for many stu­dents would have been quite a long one (Greater Van­cou­ver is very spread out!).

While SHIC hadn’t at the time of David’s com­ment re­ceive feed­back on how much lack of ac­cess to re­li­able trans­porta­tion across the metropoli­tan area was a fac­tor in stu­dents not at­tend­ing SHIC’s ad­vanced work­shops, in gen­eral this is­sue has been a sig­nifi­cant fac­tor in the Van­cou­ver area mak­ing it difficult to or­ga­nize EA events and mee­tups in Van­cou­ver.

Lo­cally, effec­tive al­tru­ists have in the last few years been con­cen­trated as stu­dents and oth­ers in the uni­ver­sity dis­trict on the west­ern­most side of Van­cou­ver; one city over abridg­ing Van­cou­ver on the op­po­site side of the city in one a cou­ple EA share­houses; or down­town. With a lower con­cen­tra­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ists in the Van­cou­ver area in the last cou­ple years, the num­ber and size of effec­tive al­tru­ists co-liv­ing in Van­cou­ver has de­clined[1]. Even when there was a higher con­cen­tra­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ists liv­ing in Van­cou­ver, we were con­cen­trated on op­po­site sides of town.

Ad­di­tion­ally, al­most all of the effec­tive al­tru­ists in Van­cou­ver have ei­ther been uni­ver­sity stu­dents, or are con­sciously try­ing to re­duce un­nec­es­sary per­sonal ex­penses, as they ei­ther work for a non-profit or­ga­ni­za­tion, or are earn­ing to give. Thus, for lifestyle rea­sons, most effec­tive al­tru­ists in Van­cou­ver don’t own cars. While Van­cou­ver has de­cent pub­lic trans­porta­tion, be­cause of how spread out the pock­ets of the lo­cal EA pop­u­la­tion have been, for all effec­tive al­tru­ists that would be at­tended to a lo­cal meetup, a sig­nifi­cant minor­ity of them always would have to make a com­mute that would be al­most 1 hour, or even more, each way.

Un­for­tu­nately, there are not many pub­lic or pri­vate spaces for host­ing events or mee­tups that are both equidis­tant be­tween the differ­ent pock­ets of effec­tive al­tru­ists in Van­cou­ver, and ex­cel­lent or en­joy­able for all the effec­tive al­tru­ists who would oth­er­wise be will­ing to at­tend a meetup or event. So, the best op­tion still re­mains host­ing mee­tups and other events at spaces which re­quire a rel­a­tively long com­mute for at least a sig­nifi­cant por­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ists in the Van­cou­ver area. Th­ese com­bined lo­gis­ti­cal is­sues cre­ate a lack of suffi­cient ac­cessibil­ity for mee­tups and events for effec­tive al­tru­ists that has always been a sig­nifi­cant bar­rier to meetup and grass­roots or­ga­ni­za­tion in the Van­cou­ver area.

Lower Con­cen­tra­tion & In­ter­est/​Demand

Th­ese is­sues have in the last cou­ple years led to a lower con­cen­tra­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ists in the metropoli­tan area around Van­cou­ver, and to a much lower rate of growth and op­por­tu­ni­ties for com­mu­nity en­gage­ment/​in­volve­ment for the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity. Con­se­quently, there has been a de­cline in ap­par­ent in­ter­est for EA mee­tups in Van­cou­ver. How­ever, with a de­crease in de­mand for EA mee­tups, there has also been a de­crease in sup­ply.

For the last few years, the pri­mary or­ga­nizer of EA mee­tups in Van­cou­ver has been Max Carpen­dale. How­ever, a few months ago, Max moved away from Van­cou­ver. Per­son­ally, I have also pre­vi­ously been a meetup co-or­ga­nizer in Van­cou­ver, but in the last year when I or oth­ers have hosted EA mee­tups in Van­cou­ver, there was lit­tle at­ten­dance or in­ter­est. For most of the last year, there also wasn’t other de­mand for any other kind of con­ven­tional EA meetup. Ad­di­tion­ally, un­til re­cently, there has not been re­newed de­mand or in­ter­est for more EA mee­tups.

Over the last cou­ple years, a de­cline in both sup­ply and de­mand of EA mee­tups or other op­por­tu­ni­ties for lo­cal EA com­mu­nity in­volve­ment have fed into each other. This had ul­ti­mately led to lit­tle to no meetup or other com­mu­nity or­ga­ni­za­tion in­de­pen­dent of EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions in Van­cou­ver in the last few months, un­til the re­cent re­boot of lo­cal EA meetup or­ga­niz­ing.

Van­cou­ver LessWrong/​Ra­tion­al­ity Community

The sister meetup for the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity has his­tor­i­cally been the Van­cou­ver LessWrong/​ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity. The Van­cou­ver LessWrong/​ra­tio­nal­ity meetup launched in 2011. Near the end of 2011, my­self and sev­eral oth­ers, in­clud­ing sev­eral lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ists, ac­quainted our­selves with the com­mu­nity that would go on to be­come the effec­tive al­tru­ism move­ment.

Begin­ning then, through 2012 and 2013, Joey and Kather­ine Savoie be­gan the or­ga­ni­za­tion that would even­tu­ally be­come the Char­ity Science Foun­da­tion, the first EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tion in Van­cou­ver, which would go on to be in­stru­men­tal in the launch of sev­eral other EA pro­jects that at some point in their de­vel­op­ment have been based out of Van­cou­ver. This was also the time when the Van­cou­ver EA meetup launched, and the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity be­gan to de­velop.

There has been sig­nifi­cant over­lap be­tween the or­ga­ni­za­tion and at­ten­dance of lo­cal EA and lo­cal LW/​ra­tio­nal­ity mee­tups, and lo­cal mem­ber­ship in the EA and ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­ni­ties. For a long time, as with ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­ni­ties el­se­where, the effec­tive al­tru­ism move­ment pre­sented a lot of new op­por­tu­ni­ties for ex­is­ten­tial risk re­duc­tion, and other mis­sions and pro­jects of in­ter­est to Van­cou­ver ra­tio­nal­ists, that LessWrong and the ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity weren’t or­gan­i­cally gen­er­at­ing. This has been true of many lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­ni­ties out­side Van­cou­ver. What comes with it is a con­se­quent ten­dency for EA to “eat” all the at­ten­tion that would oth­er­wise go to or­ga­niz­ing and de­vel­op­ing lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­ni­ties.

This hap­pened in Van­cou­ver as well once effec­tive al­tru­ism hit us here, and the lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ists in par­tic­u­lar. From 2013, the fre­quency of ra­tio­nal­ity mee­tups in Van­cou­ver de­clined due to a de­creased in­ter­est from would-be or­ga­niz­ers, rel­a­tive to our in­ter­est in par­ti­ci­pat­ing in the then-new EA move­ment. By 2016, this had led to al­most no ra­tio­nal­ity mee­tups in Van­cou­ver be­ing or­ga­nized, while there con­tinued to be sig­nifi­cant or­ga­ni­za­tion of the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity. Notic­ing this trend, and at the time more per­son­ally in­vested in the ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity and or­ga­niz­ing ra­tio­nal­ity mee­tups, my­self and sev­eral lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ists ini­ti­ated a rel­a­tively suc­cess­ful re­boot of ra­tio­nal­ist com­mu­nity or­ga­niz­ing, which gal­va­nized sig­nifi­cant re­newed in­ter­est. This has lasted for a cou­ple years. How­ever, at this point, while there are still ra­tio­nal­ist mee­tups or­ga­nized in Van­cou­ver, they are much less di­verse, fre­quent, con­sis­tent, and well-at­tended than in pre­vi­ous years[2].

This has largely been a con­se­quence of the Van­cou­ver LessWrong/​ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity be­ing sub­ject to the same pres­sures that have also proved challeng­ing for the or­ga­ni­za­tion of the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity.

Other Considerations

For the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity, most com­mu­ni­ca­tion is ei­ther pri­vately, offline, or through our Face­book group. How­ever, in the last few years, no­body has taken it upon them­selves to make use of other re­sources available to the com­mu­nity, such as putting mee­tups and other events up on the Van­cou­ver EA Meetup.com page; or cre­at­ing a free web­site through the EA Hub. While we have tried to or­ga­nize mee­tups and other events for a long time, have tried a lot of differ­ent things, and have tried hard, more could have been done than has been tried in the past in Van­cou­ver. We never tried as hard as we could have, did as much as we could, thought as cre­atively as we could have, or tried as many differ­ent things as we could have tried to or­ga­nize mee­tups in Van­cou­ver.

In Van­cou­ver, the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity has taken for granted there are EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions like Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity; or in­ter­est from uni­ver­sity stu­dents through so­cieties like the UBC EA Club, that are con­sis­tently in­tro­duc­ing new peo­ple in Van­cou­ver to effec­tive al­tru­ism, and bring­ing more effec­tive al­tru­ists to Van­cou­ver. Th­ese con­stant sources for new en­thu­si­asm and op­por­tu­ni­ties for growth of the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity have made it so it didn’t feel as nec­es­sary to in­vest ex­tra, in­de­pen­dent effort into de­vel­op­ing the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity. This is one rea­son Van­cou­ver has not been mo­ti­vated to de­velop an in­de­pen­dent mu­ni­ci­pal or re­gional pro­fes­sional NPO or reg­istered char­ity part of the EA com­mu­nity, un­like many other lo­cal EA groups across North Amer­ica, and around the world. How­ever, the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity has thus never taken full ad­van­tage of the op­por­tu­ni­ties available to grow and de­velop lo­cal EA groups.

While there has re­cently been a re­newed in­ter­est for lo­cal EA mee­tups, be­cause of a grad­ual de­crease in the num­ber and con­cen­tra­tion of effec­tive al­tru­ists in Van­cou­ver, I am doubt­ful the growth and de­vel­op­ment of the lo­cal EA com­mu­nity will hap­pen as or­gan­i­cally as it has in the past. That just means the effort will need to be con­sciously or­ga­nized and di­rected. As the land­scape of effec­tive al­tru­ism in Van­cou­ver has changed, this means to drive the fu­ture growth and de­vel­op­ment of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity, it will de­pend on tak­ing full ad­van­tage of those available re­sources and op­por­tu­ni­ties for mee­tups and com­mu­nity or­ga­ni­za­tion that we have pre­vi­ously ne­glected to use.


While there have been fre­quent and con­sis­tent up­dates from ac­tivi­ties in the effec­tive al­tru­ism move­ment that origi­nated in Van­cou­ver, such as from EA-al­igned or­ga­ni­za­tions like Char­ity Science and Re­think Char­ity, there has not been an over­all up­date on the evolu­tion of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity since my last post on the topic 3 years ago.

I’ve writ­ten this ar­ti­cle as a gen­eral up­date on what has hap­pened with effec­tive al­tru­ism in Van­cou­ver in the last few years, for those effec­tive al­tru­ists who started in or who have come through Van­cou­ver. I also wrote it to up­date the broader EA com­mu­nity on what has hap­pened in Van­cou­ver in the last few years. Van­cou­ver has been a lo­cal EA group for 6 years now, and there is a long his­tory of de­vel­op­ment, changes, suc­cesses, and challenges to record. This and other ar­ti­cles I have refer­enced above paint a pic­ture of a lo­cal EA com­mu­nity, which I hope is valuable as a record of les­sons for other lo­cal EA groups, and which I hope stim­u­lates con­sid­er­a­tion of how to ad­dress challenges other lo­cal EA groups face similar to those Van­cou­ver has faced.

This ar­ti­cle is not ex­haus­tive of all the les­sons I could record from the his­tory of the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity. It misses a lot of what of the evolu­tion of meetup or­ga­ni­za­tion for the lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ity and EA com­mu­ni­ties I and oth­ers have pur­sued, and what has and has not worked in the differ­ent or­ga­ni­za­tion tac­tics and strate­gies we have tried. In the fu­ture, I in­tend to pub­lish one or more ar­ti­cles on those sub­jects on ei­ther the EA Fo­rum or LessWrong. I also in­tend to pub­lish one or more ar­ti­cles similar to this one fo­cused on the his­tory, evolu­tion, and fu­ture of the Van­cou­ver ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity. It will be situ­ated more in the con­text of LessWrong and the wor­ld­wide ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity than effec­tive al­tru­ism, but has sig­nifi­cant over­lap with the con­tent of this ar­ti­cle as well.

I hope this ar­ti­cle has been suc­cess­ful in the aim of pro­vid­ing ad­e­quate and in­for­ma­tive up­dates on what has oc­curred in the Van­cou­ver EA com­mu­nity re­cently. If any­one has any ques­tions, cor­rec­tions, or feed­back, re­gard­ing any­thing in this ar­ti­cle, please com­ment or feel free to con­tact me pri­vately.


1. There are still share­houses and apart­ments in Van­cou­ver with effec­tive al­tru­ists and ra­tio­nal­ists liv­ing in them, and a lo­cal effec­tive al­tru­ist or ra­tio­nal­ist is of­ten look­ing for new room­mates/​house­mates. If you are go­ing to be mov­ing to Van­cou­ver for a pe­riod of a month or more, and are look­ing for a place to live, please feel free to con­tact me, and I will put you in touch with any lo­cal effec­tive al­tru­ists who are look­ing for new room­mates.

2. I also know a lot of lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ists in Van­cou­ver. So, if you are a mem­ber of the ra­tio­nal­ity com­mu­nity who is vis­it­ing, look­ing to move to, or liv­ing in Van­cou­ver, who is not con­nected to other ra­tio­nal­ists here, please feel free to con­tact me. There is still a sig­nifi­cant num­ber of ra­tio­nal­ists in Van­cou­ver who are in­ter­ested in mee­tups and other ways to con­nect with ra­tio­nal­ists. I can put you in touch with with op­por­tu­ni­ties to at­tend or or­ga­nize ra­tio­nal­ity mee­tups with lo­cal ra­tio­nal­ists, or op­por­tu­ni­ties to move into a ra­tio­nal­ist/​EA co-liv­ing house or apart­ment.


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