CSER Special Issue: ‘Futures of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk’

The Cen­tre for the Study of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk’s (CSER) spe­cial is­sue Fu­tures of Re­search in Catas­trophic and Ex­is­ten­tial Risk was re­cently pub­lished. CSER is an in­ter­dis­ci­plinary re­search cen­tre within the Univer­sity of Cam­bridge ded­i­cated to the study and miti­ga­tion of risks that could lead to hu­man ex­tinc­tion or civil­i­sa­tional col­lapse.

The spe­cial is­sue, ed­ited by CSER post­doc Dr Adrian Cur­rie, brings to­gether a wide range of re­search on ex­is­ten­tial and catas­trophic risk. This re­search is in­creas­ingly multi-dis­ci­plinary and broad in scope. It con­sid­ers how ex­is­ten­tial risk is con­cep­tu­al­ized as well as challenges in com­mu­ni­ca­tion, re­spon­si­bil­ity and episte­mol­ogy. Many of the fif­teen pa­pers col­lected here were origi­nally pre­sented at our first Cam­bridge Con­fer­ence on Catas­trophic Risk in 2016.



Global Catas­trophic Risks Broadly

Spe­cific Risks and Interventions

Tech­nol­ogy, Ethics and Governance

Law, Policy, Governance

The Con­fer­ence, and a num­ber of the pub­li­ca­tions in this is­sue, were made pos­si­ble through the sup­port of a grant from the Tem­ple­ton World Char­ity Foun­da­tion (TWCF); the con­fer­ence was also sup­ported by a sup­ple­men­tary grant from the Fu­ture of Life In­sti­tute. The opinions ex­pressed in this pub­li­ca­tion are those of the au­thor(s) and do not nec­es­sar­ily re­flect the views of Tem­ple­ton World Char­ity Foun­da­tion or the Fu­ture of Life In­sti­tute.