Applications Open: Elevate Your Mental Wellbeing with Rethink Wellbeing’s CBT Program

Do you want to:

  • become more fullfilled, resilient, and productive?

  • practice evidence-based tools for self-management, to deal with blockers and stressors such as low concentration, motivation, mood, and self-esteem?

  • embark on that journey together with other ambitiously altruistic people?

People who are well do good better. In a rapidly evolving world where adaptability and innovation are paramount, compromised cognitive function due to mental health issues can severely limit one’s own and one’s team’s performance and potential [e.g., 1, 2, 3].

We [at Rethink Wellbeing] are now accepting participants for this year’s Mental Resilience Program, and we can offer 3 times the amount of spots this time! Reminder: last year, >350 ambitious altruists applied, and we served 55, among those employees of 80,000 Hours, Effective Ventures, Rethink Priorities, and the Center for AI Safety, had nearly no dropout (3 people), a 90%+ recommendation rate, and significant pre-post effects on mental health, wellbeing, and productivity.

  • Individuals: Apply now in ~15 min

    • via this formas a participant to secure your spot in our upcoming summer cohort. Don’t miss out—spaces are limited. We have a lot more spaces than last year (150) but will stop accepting participants when we are full. Do reapply, the chances are very good. Our selection criteria are:

      • You speak English well enough and are socially skilled enough to get by in a group.

      • We are confident that our program can help with the problem and goals you have.

      • Some involvement with Effective Altruism or other activities that show you are ambitiously altruistic.

    • via this form to become a facilitator: our volunteer facilitators not only attend the program as participants but also receive expert-led community-based training, as well as certificates.

  • Organizations: Express interest via this form in <2min in offering our program to your team or beneficiaries. It is better to invest in the well-being of your community today than tomorrow. For instance, 80,000 Hours covers the program fully for their employees.

Watch our brand new sneak-peak video here.

​​Managing your mind is key to managing your life. We [at Rethink Wellbeing] deliver an online Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) Program. This program is designed to help improve mental wellbeing and productivity of ambitiously altruistic people. Using the latest psychotherapeutic and behavior change techniques, participants attend weekly group sessions together with 5-8 well-matched peers, led by a trained facilitator, and engage in readings and application of the learned tools in between the sessions. This program requires 8 weeks of commitment, with a total of 4-6h/​week. Usually, coaching or therapy costs $100-$200 for just one hour, and in our program, you’ll get 9 sessions plus a community of like-minded individuals for 50-80% fewer costs, or for free if the cost would financially strain you. The latter case doesn’t affect your chances of getting accepted to the program.

Why Participate?

  • Evidence-Based Tools: Gain access to proven techniques rooted in Third Wave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approaches (CBT, ACT, Mindfulness). Through weekly group sessions and personalized exercises, you’ll build practical skills to navigate life’s obstacles with confidence.

  • Accessibility: A multitude of time slots convenient for people on different schedules and in different time zones are available because we train facilitators all over the globe. Also, we are committed to making this program accessible, offering it at a fraction of the cost of typical mental health-related services. It is $31 per session hour ($550 overall for the full program and $300 overall for the minimum guidance program). If you can’t afford to participate or wouldn’t attend if you had to cover the costs of your attendance, you can apply for a stipend in <2 min. We offer the program for lower costs or for free, using donations and grant funding. Applying for a stipend doesn’t affect your chances of getting accepted to the program. For those who contribute to covering the operational costs of their attendance by paying a small fee, we also offer a money-back guarantee.

  • Empowerment Through Community: People who want to do good better often find it hard to find like-minded individuals who understand them fully, and to connect in a supportive environment concerning mental health. Together, we’ll tackle common challenges related to being ambitiously altruistic—such as low energy levels, anxiety, imposter syndrome, procrastination, poor sleep, and perfectionism.

What to Expect?

  • Practice-Based Learning: Dive into experiential exercises designed to make new skills second nature. From self-regulation to productivity, our curriculum covers a wide range of vital areas for personal growth.

  • Weekly Engagement: Commit to attending 2-hour group video conferences led by trained facilitators. Between sessions, dedicate 2-4 hours per week to our CBT workbook, support in the online community guided by a psychologist, and home practice.

  • Continuous Support: Track your progress with weekly forms and surveys, ensuring you stay on course throughout the 8-week program.

Why Choose Us?

  • Optimized and tailored: Making sure you’ll likely love it, the program is tailored to the needs of ambitious altruists and built on diverse state-of-the-art science insights from the fields of mental health, psychotherapy and behavior change. We monitor relevant engagement and effectiveness drivers weekly to allow for permanent need-based adaptations in each group.

  • Suggested Effectiveness: Our first cohort was a success (see first-year update here). Previous participants reported high satisfaction with the program and showed significant pre-post improvements in well-being, mental health, and productivity.

  • Peer-Led Support: Experience the power of group dynamics first-hand. Benefit from shared experiences, bonding, and collective wisdom as you journey towards greater mental wellness. Does this work? Laypeople-guided online programs are shown to be as effective as 1:1 therapy for most cases [4]: It isn’t the amount of the experience of, but the quality of the relationship with the provider that seems to drive effectiveness most [5-11].

What Happens After You Sign Up?

  • We review your answers and confirm if you’re accepted via email.

  • You submit a donation or commitment deposit to secure your place (which can be refunded at the end if you’re unsatisfied with the program).

  • We match you up with a peer group based on your availability, stage in your life, needs, and preferences.

  • You embark on an 8-week journey to improve your mental wellbeing!

Apply here via this form in ~15min!

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