Tax Policy

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Tax policy is an important lever that governments can use to influence behavior and raise revenue for public spending.

Several posts on the EA Forum have explored how different tax policies could be used for social good:

Non-governmental organizations that influence tax policy:

Wealth re­dis­tri­bu­tion: are we on the same page?

dEAsign3 Oct 2023 21:34 UTC
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Open Philan­thropy’s newest fo­cus area: Global Public Health Policy

JamesSnowden20 Nov 2023 20:47 UTC
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En­forc­ing Far-Fu­ture Con­tracts for Governments

FCCC26 Sep 2023 4:26 UTC
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Far-Fu­ture Com­mit­ments as a Policy Con­sen­sus Strategy

FCCC24 Sep 2023 6:32 UTC
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Tax Havens and the case for Tax Justice

Alex Barnes 15 Sep 2020 18:06 UTC
60 points
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Effec­tive al­tru­ism’s billion­aires aren’t taxed enough. But they’re try­ing.

Luke Freeman24 Aug 2022 9:45 UTC
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Tax­ing Tobacco: the in­ter­ven­tion that got away (happy World No Tobacco Day)

Yelnats T.J.31 May 2023 21:34 UTC
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Tack­ling the Largest Cause of Death Wor­ld­wide: Good Poli­cies Up­date on Tobacco Taxes

calebp28 Jan 2020 11:15 UTC
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Data Tax­a­tion: A Pro­posal for Slow­ing Down AGI Progress

Per Ivar Friborg11 Apr 2023 17:27 UTC
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Why We Think Tobacco Tax Ad­vo­cacy Could be More Cost-Effec­tive than AMF

calebp5 Mar 2020 15:03 UTC
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Should effec­tive al­tru­ists work on tax­a­tion of the very rich?

Robert_Wiblin15 Feb 2016 12:42 UTC
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A wealth tax could have un­pre­dictable effects on poli­tics and philanthropy

Pablo31 Oct 2019 13:05 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Al­co­hol Tax­a­tion Strate­gic Case

Maik Dünnbier30 Aug 2022 19:16 UTC
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Could Rais­ing Al­co­hol Taxes Save Lives?

EA Forum Archives31 Jul 2015 2:55 UTC
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Open Philan­thropy Shal­low In­ves­ti­ga­tion: Tobacco Control

Open Philanthropy25 Jan 2023 1:14 UTC
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The Years 0 and 1 of the Policy En­trepreneur­ship Network

Michal_Trzesimiech17 Sep 2020 16:51 UTC
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Meat Tax: Why Chick­ens Pay The Price

Animal Ask16 Mar 2022 10:34 UTC
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