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Program Associate at Open Philanthropy and chair of the Long-Term Future Fund. I spend half my time on AI and half my time on EA community-building. Any views I express on the forum are my own, not the views of my employer.

[AMA] An­nounc­ing Open Phil’s Univer­sity Group Or­ga­nizer and Cen­tury Fellowships

abergal29 Jul 2022 18:38 UTC
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Long-Term Fu­ture Fund: July 2021 grant recommendations

abergal18 Jan 2022 8:49 UTC
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Public re­ports are now op­tional for EA Funds grantees

abergal13 Nov 2021 0:37 UTC
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Open Philan­thropy is seek­ing pro­pos­als for out­reach projects

abergal16 Jul 2021 20:34 UTC
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