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How to set up a ca­reer ad­vis­ing sys­tem for your lo­cal EA group

Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen13 Feb 2024 18:54 UTC
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Lo­cal EA groups: con­sider be­com­ing more than a satel­lite group

Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen16 Apr 2023 7:37 UTC
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EA Fin­land: from a philos­o­phy dis­cus­sion club to a na­tional organization

Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen14 Jan 2023 10:49 UTC
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Things I didn’t feel that guilty about be­fore get­ting in­volved in effec­tive altruism

Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen28 Dec 2022 14:47 UTC
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Effec­tive al­tru­ism as a lifestyle move­ment (A Master’s Th­e­sis)

Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen6 Nov 2022 11:50 UTC
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