Akash Kulgod

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A potted bio I wrote for EV India’s cohort announcement -

Akash Kulgod is a 22-year-old researcher, writer and techno-optimist from Belagavi, with a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. He envisions a world where Umwelt-bridging technology increases the bandwidth of cooperation with fellow sentient beings and is embarking on this quest with Dogluk — a startup-DAO aiming to augment the ability of dogs to detect disease by transforming their olfactory perceptual abilities into digital and multidimensional signatures. He is also a team member of the Rajalakshmi Children Foundation which works on health development and talent search programs for underprivileged children in Northern Karnataka. Akash will be writing and podcasting about Dogluk, effective altruism, and the psychedelic revival on his substack.

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Rajalakshmi Children Foundation—

Free-Rang­ing Dog Welfare in In­dia as a Cause Area

Akash Kulgod8 Aug 2022 14:53 UTC
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Tar­geted Treat­ment of Ane­mia in Ado­les­cents in In­dia as a Cause Area

Akash Kulgod5 Aug 2022 13:30 UTC
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