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Ambitious Impact is a nonprofit that helps individuals find and transition to high-impact career paths through multiple cost-covered programs designed to fill crucial gaps in the philanthropic ecosystem, e.g. Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program.

Ad­vo­cacy for salt in­take re­duc­tion—AIM top idea 2024

CE10 Apr 2024 10:14 UTC
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Par­ti­ci­pa­tory Learn­ing and Ac­tion (PLA) groups for ma­ter­nal and new­born health—AIM top idea 2024

CE5 Apr 2024 11:42 UTC
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AIM/​CE’s Ma­te­ri­als and Re­sources for EAs

CE4 Apr 2024 15:16 UTC
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AIM’s new guide to launch­ing a high-im­pact non-profit policy organization

CE2 Apr 2024 13:28 UTC
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AIM An­i­mal Initiatives

Joey27 Mar 2024 14:12 UTC
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On­line Launch Event: Found­ing to Give

CE25 Mar 2024 16:26 UTC
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The cur­rent limit­ing fac­tor for new charities

Joey19 Mar 2024 14:40 UTC
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AIM (CE) new pro­gram: Found­ing to Give. Ap­ply now to launch a high-growth com­pany!

CE14 Mar 2024 12:13 UTC
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Fa­cil­i­tat­ing in­ter­na­tional la­bor mi­gra­tion via a digi­tal platform

CE27 Feb 2024 10:39 UTC
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From salt in­take re­duc­tion to la­bor mi­gra­tion: An­nounc­ing top ideas for the AIM 2024 CE In­cu­ba­tion Program

CE22 Feb 2024 14:45 UTC
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New joint ap­pli­ca­tions for AIM/​CE In­cu­ba­tion and Re­search Program

CE15 Feb 2024 12:45 UTC
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Am­bi­tious Im­pact (AIM) - a new brand for Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship and our ex­tended ecosys­tem!

CE8 Feb 2024 17:08 UTC
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5 pos­si­bly im­pact­ful ca­reer paths for re­searchers

CE23 Jan 2024 20:23 UTC
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A short com­par­i­son of start­ing an effec­tive giv­ing or­ga­ni­za­tion vs. found­ing a di­rect de­liv­ery charity

Joey11 Jan 2024 18:29 UTC
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CE will donate £1K if you re­fer our next Outreach Director

CE11 Jan 2024 17:42 UTC
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Ap­ply now to CE’s sec­ond Re­search Train­ing Program

CE3 Jan 2024 13:07 UTC
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Why Effec­tive Giv­ing In­cu­ba­tion—Report

CE19 Dec 2023 13:16 UTC
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Effec­tive Giv­ing In­cu­ba­tion—ap­ply to CE & GWWC’s new pro­gram!

CE5 Dec 2023 16:08 UTC
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Pre­sent­ing: 2023 In­cu­bated Char­i­ties (Round 2) - Char­ity Entrepreneurship

CE19 Oct 2023 12:36 UTC
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