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Christian Ruhl, Founders Pledge

I am a Senior Researcher at Founders Pledge, where I work on global catastrophic risks. Previously, I was the program manager for Perry World House’s research program on The Future of the Global Order: Power, Technology, and Governance. I’m interested in the national security implications of AI, cyber norms, nuclear risks, space policy, probabilistic forecasting and its applications, histories of science, and global governance. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or just to connect!

Call me, maybe? Hotlines and Global Catas­trophic Risk [Founders Pledge]

christian.r24 Jan 2023 16:28 UTC
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How Founders Pledge’s Pa­tient Philan­thropy Fund and Global Catas­trophic Risks Fund Work Together

Tom Barnes9 Dec 2022 15:36 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the Founders Pledge Global Catas­trophic Risks Fund

christian.r26 Oct 2022 13:39 UTC
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Sixty years af­ter the Cuban Mis­sile Cri­sis, a new era of global catas­trophic risks

christian.r13 Oct 2022 11:25 UTC
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Why poli­cy­mak­ers should be­ware claims of new “arms races” (Bul­letin of the Atomic Scien­tists)

christian.r14 Jul 2022 13:38 UTC
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Build­ing a Bet­ter Dooms­day Clock

christian.r25 May 2022 17:02 UTC
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Risks from Au­tonomous Weapon Sys­tems and Mili­tary AI

christian.r19 May 2022 10:45 UTC
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