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I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Global Priorities Institute.

Previously, I was a Philosophy Fellow at the Center for AI Safety.

So far, my work has mostly been about the moral importance of future generations. Going forward, it will mostly be about AI.

You can email me at

A non-iden­tity dilemma for per­son-af­fect­ing views (Elliott Thorn­ley)

Global Priorities Institute4 Apr 2024 16:30 UTC
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My favourite ar­gu­ments against per­son-af­fect­ing views

EJT2 Apr 2024 10:57 UTC
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Crit­i­cal-Set Views, Bio­graph­i­cal Iden­tity, and the Long Term

EJT28 Feb 2024 14:30 UTC
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The Shut­down Prob­lem: In­com­plete Prefer­ences as a Solution

EJT23 Feb 2024 16:01 UTC
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The Shut­down Prob­lem: An AI Eng­ineer­ing Puz­zle for De­ci­sion Theorists

EJT23 Oct 2023 15:36 UTC
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The price is right

EJT16 Oct 2023 16:34 UTC
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