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Dr. David Denkenberger co-founded and directs the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters ( and donates half his income to it. He received his B.S. from Penn State in Engineering Science, his masters from Princeton in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Building Systems Program. His dissertation was on his patented expanded microchannel heat exchanger. He is an assistant professor at University of Alaska Fairbanks in joint in mechanical engineering and Alaska Center for Energy and Power. He received the National Merit Scholarship, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, is a Penn State distinguished alumnus, and is a registered professional engineer. He has authored or co-authored 124 publications (>3000 citations, >50,000 downloads, h-index = 28, third most prolific author in the existential/​global catastrophic risk field (https://​​​​)), including the book Feeding Everyone no Matter What: Managing Food Security after Global Catastrophe. His food work has been featured in over 25 countries, over 200 articles, including Science, Vox, Business Insider, Wikipedia, Deutchlandfunk (German Public Radio online), Discovery Channel Online News, Gizmodo,, and Science Daily. He has given interviews on 80,000 Hours podcast twice (https://​​​​podcast/​​episodes/​​david-denkenberger-allfed-and-feeding-everyone-no-matter-what/​​ and https://​​​​podcast/​​episodes/​​david-denkenberger-sahil-shah-using-paper-mills-and-seaweed-in-catastrophes/​​ ) and Estonian Public Radio, WGBH Radio, Boston, and WCAI Radio on Cape Cod, USA. He has given over 80 external presentations, including ones on food at Harvard University, MIT, Princeton University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Cornell University, University of California Los Angeles, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Lab, Imperial College, and University College London.

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[Question] Graph of % of tasks AI is su­per­hu­man at?

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