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Math Pedantic/​Computer Science Honours interested in Cause Prioritization

Pedant, a type checker for Cost Effec­tive­ness Analysis

Hazelfire2 Jan 2022 6:47 UTC
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Have your com­mu­nity no­tified of new EA Jobs

Hazelfire21 Dec 2021 5:54 UTC
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A list of tech­ni­cal EA projects

Hazelfire21 Dec 2021 5:05 UTC
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A Pro­to­type Ap­pli­ca­tion for al­lo­cat­ing peo­ple to Effec­tive Projects

Hazelfire22 Aug 2021 7:51 UTC
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An en­g­ineer’s ap­proach to per­sonal fi­nance for effec­tive altruists

Hazelfire5 Aug 2021 8:16 UTC
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