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One of my for­ma­tive ex­pe­riences was hear­ing the Drown­ing Child Illus­tra­tion from an EA out­reach in 2013. But I don’t feel like an EA—would rather be part of a cer­tain kind of Chris­tian al­tru­is­tic move­ment, some­thing that could be part of an um­brella of al­tru­is­tic move­ments with similar val­ues, also in­clud­ing EA. But as far as I know, it does not yet ex­ist.

I’ve done some writ­ing that dis­cusses the “col­li­sion” of part of EA and Chris­ti­an­ity (how they con­flict/​con­trast and how they can be to­gether):

Work­ing to save a life gives it value to you

James_Banks1 Sep 2020 4:16 UTC
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[Question] What do we do if AI doesn’t take over the world, but still causes a sig­nifi­cant global prob­lem?

James_Banks2 Aug 2020 3:35 UTC
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