Non-zero-sum James

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Documentary filmmaker who has spent over 20 years researching, interviewing and building stories around the world—everything from the war in Afghanistan, to life in inner-city Los Angeles, to an Aussie bloke with 34 dogs. I’m a life long student, with passion for creating a better world.

I’m a strong believer in effective altruism and have taken the giving pledge. My weekly blog at is a world-help site of sorts—focussing on win-win games as essential to facing global issues. I explore game-theoretical approaches to real world issues in an accessible way, using illustrations, simulations and badly drawn graphs.

Crabs in a Bucket ~ Or Links in a Chain

Non-zero-sum James28 Feb 2024 23:04 UTC
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Diminish­ing Re­turns on Happiness

Non-zero-sum James11 Feb 2024 23:06 UTC
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What are Non-Zero-Sum games? ~ an introduction

Non-zero-sum James9 Feb 2024 18:32 UTC
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A Kind­ness Equa­tion ~ should I give to char­ity or vol­un­teer?

Non-zero-sum James8 Feb 2024 18:11 UTC
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Mo­ral Li­cens­ing ~ the mak­ings of a very nega­tive-sum game?

Non-zero-sum James8 Feb 2024 13:39 UTC
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