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An­nounc­ing the AI Safety Sum­mit Talks with Yoshua Bengio

Otto14 May 2024 12:49 UTC
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Otto’s Quick takes

Otto23 Apr 2024 9:04 UTC
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An­nounc­ing #AISum­mitTalks fea­tur­ing Pro­fes­sor Stu­art Rus­sell and many others

Otto24 Oct 2023 10:16 UTC
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[Cross­post] AI Reg­u­la­tion May Be More Im­por­tant Than AI Align­ment For Ex­is­ten­tial Safety

Otto24 Aug 2023 16:01 UTC
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[Cross­post] An AI Pause Is Hu­man­ity’s Best Bet For Prevent­ing Ex­tinc­tion (TIME)

Otto24 Jul 2023 10:18 UTC
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Un­veiling the Amer­i­can Public Opinion on AI Mo­ra­to­rium and Govern­ment In­ter­ven­tion: The Im­pact of Me­dia Exposure

Otto8 May 2023 10:49 UTC
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AI X-risk in the News: How Effec­tive are Re­cent Me­dia Items and How is Aware­ness Chang­ing? Our New Sur­vey Re­sults.

Otto4 May 2023 14:04 UTC
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