Ren Springlea

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My name is Ren, and my pronouns are they/​them. I work as a Research Scientist at Animal Ask.

My work focuses on animal advocacy. I have experience in ecology, fisheries science, and statistics from my time in academia and government. I’m also personally interested in a wide range of other cause areas, particularly around politics and social justice.

Re­mind­ing my­self just how awful pain can get (plus, an ex­per­i­ment on my­self)

Ren Springlea15 Mar 2023 22:44 UTC
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Five tools that make our re­search lives easier

Ren Springlea20 Feb 2023 0:50 UTC
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Longter­mism and an­i­mals: Re­sources + join our Dis­cord com­mu­nity!

Ren Springlea31 Jan 2023 10:45 UTC
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