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Karolina is co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship. She also serves as a Fund Manager at the EA Animal Welfare Fund, and as a board member and consultant for various nonprofits and think tanks.

LinkedIn: https://​​​​in/​​karolinasarek/​​

Why we want to start a char­ity for­tify­ing feed for hens (founders needed)

KarolinaSarek19 Apr 2021 16:47 UTC
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Why we want to start a shrimp welfare char­ity (founders needed)

KarolinaSarek16 Apr 2021 15:57 UTC
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RCTs in Devel­op­ment Eco­nomics, Their Crit­ics and Their Evolu­tion (Og­den, 2020) [linkpost]

KarolinaSarek6 Apr 2021 12:29 UTC
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