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Jamie Harris is a researcher at Animal Advocacy Careers, a charity that he co-founded which seeks to address the career and talent bottlenecks in the animal advocacy movement, and at Sentience Institute, a social science think tank focused on social and technological change, especially the expansion of humanity’s moral circle.

As well as hosting The Sentience Institute Podcast, Jamie does a number of small projects and tasks to help grow and support the effective animal advocacy community more widely. He works on whatever he thinks are the best opportunities for him to improve the expected value of the long-term future.

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So­cial Move­ment Les­sons from the Fair Trade Movement

Jamie_Harris2 Apr 2021 10:51 UTC
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The Im­por­tance of Ar­tifi­cial Sentience

Jamie_Harris3 Mar 2021 17:17 UTC
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Effec­tive an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy bot­tle­necks surveys

Jamie_Harris13 Jan 2021 13:38 UTC
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