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/​’vɛðehi/​ or VEH-they-hee

I’m Product Manager at the EA Hub and a community builder based in Singapore. I have a BA in Sociology. I have a background in social movement theory and structural functionalism. Currently building career capital while doing EA projects on the side.

Current Projects:

Tips for Choos­ing En­ter­prise Software

vaidehi_agarwalla9 Apr 2021 13:37 UTC
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What drew me to EA: Reflec­tions on EA as re­lief, growth, and community

vaidehi_agarwalla26 Mar 2021 3:04 UTC
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Ap­ply Now to the EA Fel­low­ship Week­end! (March 26-28)

mellertson20 Feb 2021 0:27 UTC
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Ex­plo­ra­tory Ca­reers Land­scape Sur­vey 2020: Group Organisers

vaidehi_agarwalla30 Jan 2021 10:41 UTC
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[Question] EA Or­gani­sa­tions: If you cre­ated a se­quence about your ap­proach to do­ing good, what would you write?

vaidehi_agarwalla20 Jan 2021 16:07 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism as a So­cial Move­ment

vaidehi_agarwalla16 Jan 2021 6:55 UTC
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The fun­nel or the in­di­vi­d­ual: Two ap­proaches to un­der­stand­ing EA en­gage­ment

vaidehi_agarwalla8 Jan 2021 18:06 UTC
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LessWrong/​EA New Year’s Ul­tra Party

vaidehi_agarwalla18 Dec 2020 5:15 UTC
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How can we im­prove on­line EA so­cial events?

vaidehi_agarwalla21 Oct 2020 1:35 UTC
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Sugges­tions for On­line EA Dis­cus­sion Norms

vaidehi_agarwalla24 Sep 2020 1:42 UTC
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Run­ning In­de­pen­dent Projects

vaidehi_agarwalla15 Jul 2020 11:49 UTC
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An­no­tated List of EA Ca­reer Ad­vice Resources

vaidehi_agarwalla13 Jul 2020 6:12 UTC
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An­no­tated List of Pro­ject Ideas & Vol­un­teer­ing Re­sources

vaidehi_agarwalla6 Jul 2020 3:29 UTC
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2019 Eth­nic Diver­sity Com­mu­nity Survey

vaidehi_agarwalla12 May 2020 4:49 UTC
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Case Study: Vol­un­teer Re­search and Man­age­ment at ALLFED

vaidehi_agarwalla25 Apr 2020 7:12 UTC
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[Question] What ca­reer ad­vice gaps are you try­ing to fill?

vaidehi_agarwalla20 Apr 2020 2:57 UTC
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[Question] What (other) posts are you plan­ning on writ­ing?

vaidehi_agarwalla4 Apr 2020 6:18 UTC
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Effec­tive En­vi­ron­men­tal­ism Com­mu­nity Updates

vaidehi_agarwalla29 Mar 2020 20:41 UTC
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Group Or­ganiser Sur­vey on Ca­reer Ad­vice Bottlenecks

vaidehi_agarwalla17 Feb 2020 18:53 UTC
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vaidehi_agar­walla’s Shortform

vaidehi_agarwalla6 Dec 2019 21:03 UTC
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