Prioritizing among the Sustainable Development Goals

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Back in 2017, Scott, Leit­ner, and Hynes of New Amer­ica and the OECD asked 85 ex­perts what they be­lieved were the most im­por­tant Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goal tar­gets. The top 20 picks were:

  1. Pro­mote rule of law and ac­cess to jus­tice (8.9)

  2. Elimi­nate the most ex­treme poverty (8.4)

  3. En­sure ac­cess to safe, effec­tive and af­ford­able health care, medicine and vac­cines (6.6)

  4. En­sure women’s rights to eco­nomic op­por­tu­nity, prop­erty own­er­ship and in­her­i­tance (6.5)

  5. En­sure gov­ern­ment ac­countabil­ity and trans­parency (6.5)

  6. En­sure all chil­dren grad­u­ate from pri­mary and sec­ondary schools (5.6)

  7. End dis­crim­i­na­tion against women and girls (5.3)

  8. Ex­pand ac­cess to safe drink­ing wa­ter (5.3)

  9. Pro­mote so­cial, eco­nomic and poli­ti­cal in­clu­sion (5.2)

  10. End cor­rup­tion and bribery (4.9)

  11. Ex­pand ac­cess to af­ford­able, re­li­able, mod­ern en­ergy (4.6)

  12. End pre­ventable deaths of in­fants and chil­dren un­der 5 years of age (4.3)

  13. En­sure liter­acy and nu­mer­acy for youth and adults (4.2)

  14. En­sure equal op­por­tu­nity in eco­nomic and pub­lic life (4.2)

  15. En­sure equal ac­cess to le­gal rights, eco­nomic rights and nat­u­ral re­sources (4.0)

  16. Re­duce all poverty by half (4.0)

  17. End vi­o­lence against women and girls (3.9)

  18. En­sure safe, ac­cessible san­i­ta­tion and hy­giene (3.8)

  19. End hu­man traf­fick­ing, harsh la­bor, forced mar­riage and gen­i­tal mu­tila­tion (3.6)

  20. Im­prove do­mes­tic ca­pac­ity for tax and rev­enue col­lec­tion (3.6)

You can see the full rank­ing of tar­gets and the re­cou­pled rank­ing of SDGs on the SDGs in Order web­site.


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