[Question] What skills would you like 1-5 EAs to develop?

I’ve read a lot about “tal­ent gaps” and how EA needs more top re­searchers, op­er­a­tions pro­fes­sion­als, and policy an­a­lysts. I don’t doubt those gaps are real. You can con­tribute to the EA com­mu­nity by de­vel­op­ing those skills.

How­ever, you can also con­tribute to the EA com­mu­nity by de­vel­op­ing rarer skills. There are many par­tic­u­lar skil­lsets which would be very use­ful for a few EAs to de­velop. Although these skills may never turn into full-time jobs, I’d like to see peo­ple de­velop them be­cause I think they could be quite use­ful.

Some sug­ges­tions of skills I’d like a few peo­ple to de­velop:

· Con­nect­ing EA and an­other group. I’d like to see a small num­ber of peo­ple con­nect­ing EA to each of these:

-Reli­gions (eg Methodists, Ba­hai)

-So­cial move­ments (eg Fair Trade, Black Lives Mat­ter, drug re­form/​prison re­form move­ments)

-Un­der­rep­re­sented cul­tural or de­mo­graphic groups (eg peo­ple who haven’t gone to uni­ver­sity, pen­sion­ers, In­done­si­ans)

· Ap­ply a method­ol­ogy other than RCTs and Cost-Benefit Anal­y­sis to an EA prob­lem. Can you mea­sure large-scale ed­u­ca­tion in­ter­ven­tions us­ing differ­ence-in-differ­ence? Are you a wiz­ard at pro­cess trac­ing? We could re­ally use your skills eval­u­at­ing char­ity and policy in­ter­ven­tions!

· Com­mu­ni­cate im­por­tant EA con­cepts. I’d like to see, for ex­am­ple, an illus­trated guide to EA, or an in­fo­graphic on char­ity eval­u­a­tion. I’d like to see high-qual­ity videos cre­ated pro­mot­ing each of GiveWell’s top char­i­ties. I’d like to see high-qual­ity ed­u­ca­tion within EA, and high-qual­ity PR to the out­side world. We only need a cou­ple of peo­ple work­ing on each of these at this point, but they could all be quite use­ful.

Helpful fields: adult ed­u­ca­tion; on­line ed­u­ca­tion; mar­ket­ing; writ­ing; lob­by­ing; com­mu­ni­ca­tions; PR; art; graphic de­sign; video pro­duc­tion.

· Global poverty that isn’t health. I’d like to see a hand­ful of peo­ple in EA with ex­per­tise in, for ex­am­ple, cli­mate policy, or ed­u­ca­tion char­i­ties, or en­ergy poverty in a de­vel­op­ing world con­text.

· Re­search and man­age­ment. If you are an 80th per­centile re­searcher and 80th per­centile man­ager, I salute you. You should definitely stick around.

· Cor­po­rate So­cial Re­spon­si­bil­ity. Work­ing in cor­po­rate so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity in a large cor­po­ra­tion could prob­a­bly have quite an im­pact? I re­ally don’t know, but I’ve never heard any­one in EA talk about it, so if some­one in­ves­ti­gated it that would be use­ful.

· Psy­chi­a­try. EA is full of men­tal health prob­lems. You could help us fix them. Sure, an­other psy­chi­a­trist could help us, but you already un­der­stand our weird lingo and wor­ld­view. If you could sort out our men­tal health, we’d be very thank­ful.

This is just meant to be the start to a long list—what other skills would you like a small num­ber of peo­ple in EA to de­velop?